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Default [Dev] Omega Mod

[Dev] [v0.3][Open Source]
Presentation by NxHunter

What This Mod Is About

Increase end-game content : new quests, items,buffs, unique boss.
Slowly increase power by rewarding the player the more they dismantle Legendary items and kill Heroes monsters (in Ultimate Difficulty).
Increase build diversity by offering a large choice of rewards.
Allow the player to farm where they want but still promote farming in different areas and kill different monsters.
Account-bound progression.

  • Heroes monsters killed in Ultimate difficulty automatically gives you a Hero Soul in your inventory
  • Dismantling any Legendary item gives you a Legendary Essence item*
  • Boss monsters killed in Ultimate difficulty automatically gives you a Boss Soul in your inventory
Hero soul (HS) and Legendary Essence (LE) item only occupy 1 inventory slot each, are untradable (you can put them in shared stash) and stacks to 10000.
Each Omega Quest completed grants you an Omega orb.
Omega orb is a currency used to increase endless buffs levels.
Talk to Kamui Shiro, Omega Quest giver, in Devil crossing and he will cast all endless buffs you chose.
He can also reset your total omega orb and endless buffs choices.

*Legendary items having a component inserted must be salavaged before dismantling.
2- Repeatable quest

Each quest reward you with 1 Omega Orb.Omega quest is infinitely repeatable.You can hide it if you want.You have to complete all objectives.
  • Collect 180 Hero Souls, 28 Legendary Essence.
  • Kill Kilrian, the Tainted Soul
  • Kill Alkamos, Lord Executioner
  • Kill Shar'Zul, Harbinger of Chaos
  • Kill Loghorrean, the Voice of Ch'thon.
  • Kill all nemesis : Valdaran, the Storm Scourge ; Benn'Jhar, the Colossal ; Fabius "the Unseen" Gonzar ; Moosilauke, the Chillwind ; Zantarin the Eternal or The Iron Maiden
  • Kill Rashalga, the Mad Queen
  • Kill The Sentinel
  • Kill Overlord Van Aldritch
  • Kill Kubacabra, the Tenacious - Beast Nemesis
  • Kill Archmage Aleksander - Aetherial Vanguard Nemesis
  • Kill Grava'Thul, the Voiddrinker - Chthonian Nemesis
  • Kill The Master of Flesh ~ Theodin Marcell
  • Kill Reaper of the Lost (Barrowholm Nemesis) or The Actually Final Form of the Clone of John Bourbon
  • Spoiler!
  • Kill Gargabol, Heart of the wild
Max Omega level is 100.
After Omega level 100, your are rewarded with a random item.
  • Empty potion of attribute : A reagent used to craft an attribute potion with any nemesis MI (67% chance)
  • Potion of attribute : +1 permanent attribute (33% chance - Soulbound)

3- Omega boss

Each time you kill a Hero monster in Ultimate Difficulty you have a low chance to summon a unique Omega boss monster, that can drop it's own unique MI.
The chance to summon a Omega boss scales with your Omega level according to this formula :
(1+Omega level) /18000 = 0,56 % chance at Omega level 100
You can also trade boss souls at Kamui Shiro for a one-time buff that gives you a 100% chance to summon an Omega boss the next time you open a Nemesis chest if you have at least completed the first Omega quest (Omega level 1 or greater).
When an Omega boss is spawned a cursed is automatically casted on the ground for 25 seconds.It has a radius of 18 meters (nearly all the screen).
You must RUN outside of it as fast as you can.Otherwise while inside the curse area you will suffer :
- 100 absolute reduced resistance
- 100 flat reduced Total damage (you deal less damage)
- Slowed (-70% total speed)
- 3% current life damage (3 times per second)
- 23 vitality damage (3 times per second).This is increased by Omega boss stat.

Omega boss are (for now) enhanced Nemesis and you can encounter all 6 variants whatever is your factions (I changed their innate factions to Undead).
They have 2x Health, 10% more OA and DA.At 50% health they will automatically summon totem that cast meteor skills.
They can drop a potion of experience (use it to level up other characters or devotion skills) or a low chance to drop a rare Mi (up to 2 affixes).

4- Account bound

After completing a Quest you gain a recipe that allows any character to craft an item that instantly level up it's omega level.
Just reset your omega orbs to be given the corresponding number of orbs.
The purpose is to make the progression "account bound" like the paragon system from Diablo 3 or Omega system from Marvel Heroes.
This system works until Omega level 100.

5-Endless buffs

Most endless skills costs 1 Omega Orb per level.Each skill has it's own maximum level and omega orb cost.
Talk to NPC to be buffed according to the skills you chose.

Skills with multiple levels [X orb/level][Max level]:

Endless Speed : +1% Total Speed per level. [1/lvl][Max 30]
Endless Shield : +4% Shield block chance , -4% Shield Recovery Time, +10% shield damage blocked per level.[4/lvl][Max 5]
Endless Projectile Speed : +10% Projectile Speed and +5 OA per level.[1/lvl][Max 8]
Endless All Damage: +10% All Damage and +2% Total damage per level.[10/lvl][Max 7]
Endless Reflection: +100% Damage reflected and +50% total Retaliation Damage per level.[15/lvl][Max 2]
Endless Petmaster bonus: +100% Pet damage and +10% pet offensive ability.[20/lvl][Max 2]

Endless skills with 1 level :

- Endless Cooldown Reduction: +10% Skill Cooldown Reduction.[20 orbs]
- Endless Absolute Resistance Reduction: +10% Reduced target's Resistance For 4 Seconds.[20 orbs]
- Endless Max Resistance: +5% Max all resistance.[15 orbs]
- Endless Skill Energy Cost Reduction: +20% Skill Energy cost reduction [20 orbs]
- Endless Attack damage converted to health : +10% Attack damage converted to health.[20 orbs]
- Endless Defense : +150 flat Damage absorption , +5% Defensive ability, +85 defensive ability. [20 orbs]
- Endless Health : +20% Health and + 500 health [20 orbs]

Planned feature : at Omega level 100 you can choose to make your buff not dispelable but will no longer be able to reset omega orbs (prevent abuse).
Balance Issues
I will try to balance as much as possible to make each endless skill usefull for some build.
But there will be nerfs or increase in power that's why you can freely reset your omega orb by talking to an NPC.

Will be compatible with every mods that adds new Legendary items and new/modified Heroes as long as they did not touch the Orb spawning on death (like the d01_chesthero_all_01.dbr).
Also might not be compatible with games changing how dismantling works.
You can use, modify, share and do what you want with my mod as long as you credit me and put a link to the original mod discussion.
For example you can take a look at DAIL.



Change some lua function to call random things like random into math.random.
Added a small distorsion effect to teleport skill

New Nemesis soul bitmap (changed to a green-blue orb)
In the meantime I will change the reward after level 100, to 33% potion attribute and 67% empty potion.
The recipe to craft a potion of attribute will now require :
-1 Empty potion of attribute
-5 Nemesis shoulder MI
-180 Hero souls
-28 Legendary essences
-20 Boss souls
-1 Mythical relic of level 70 (any one)

DOWNLOAD on Google Drive (The file contains the mod and source files):
Omega v.1.1
Omega 1.01
Omega 0.78

Alternative download link :

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How does hero souls change the game mechanics of disassembly for legendary parts? http://grimdawn.wikia.com/wiki/Blacksmith
Etram can also craft random Legendary items from 5 categories, for a cost of 75,000 Iron Bits, 1 Polished Emerald, and a quantity of rare crafting materials:

Accessories (8 Ancient Hearts)
Armor (8 Blood of Ch'thon)
Caster Weapons (8 Tainted Brain Matter) [includes Off-Hands]
Melee Weapons (8 Tainted Brain Matter) [includes Shields]
Ranged Weapons (8 Ancient Hearts)
You can disassemble items and get the components, easily converting a bunch of greens into the legendary slot of your choice.

The potion mechanic is probably not as good as a skill mechanic, because the potions would reset every game session. A skill on an item is reusable and can be refreshed easily by weapon swap.

This sounds cool, but I'm not sure this adds much to the game if I am understanding you correctly.
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Looks somewhat promising, but if you increase the power of a character as he plays I hope you're planning on making your end-game more difficult.

I kinda like the idea of using Omega Orbs are currency to buy bottomless potions, that's an easy way to make buffs that don't rely on getting equipped/socketed into equipment.
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Legendary Essence goal is to allow you to keep the feeling of improvement from finding these items (even if you still have the best possible gear) and make them always worthwhile instead of selling them because they :
  • take too much stash space
  • doesn't suit your build
  • doesn't have a good roll

Originally Posted by rorschachrev View Post
You can disassemble items and get the components, easily converting a bunch of greens into the legendary slot of your choice.
I might change the recipe and increase the number of items need to make a Legendary item as I am not against people recycling green items as long as it takes the same amount of time to find a Legendary item.Same thing for other recipes that allow to craft Legendary items.

Originally Posted by rorschachrev View Post
The potion mechanic is probably not as good as a skill mechanic, because the potions would reset every game session. A skill on an item is reusable and can be refreshed easily by weapon swap.
I want the rewards from this mod to stack with everything else.
It's an additionnal layer of power improvement that is improving very slowly (1 Omega Orb/10 hours).
A skill on an item would replace an item or an augment or a component but the potion effect is an additional stack of power that you only need to cast once per game session, it's not very time consuming and it's instant cast.
If modding allowed to make permanent passive skill reward (like in TQ !) and remove skills (to reset your choice) I would have done so...maybe after the expansion dev would give us back this function.I don't know why they removed it.

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100% Projectile speed???

I think you are underestimating how much this will effect your skills. Lol.

If this is a global effect, it will effect PRM, DEE to a degree that would make the projectile INSANELY fast. With 2 levels of that potion, 200% speed, the projectile would become a blur almost, and travel 3 times farther than normal. They already crosses the entirety of the screen, so you'll hit things 3 screens away. Heck, even the projectiles that pop out from PRM's shards, or the DEE fractures, will have that speed bonus and probably not even hit anything they are meant to.

Have you tried it yet? Try it, just modify a passive or make a new innate passive that grants the proj speed, and reconsider that stat lol. I used to have a mastery in TQ in my mod (asylumsmod) that grants a huge bonus to proj speed, I changed it because of how it affected EVERY projectile to a ridiculous degree.
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Thanks ASYLUM101 all bonuses from the potions are not balanced yet, and I have not tried them.I can't make bottomless potion work and cast a custom skill yet.
Also once the mod will be release I hope players will tell me if something is OP or underpowered.
Yep I will change it to 10% instead and increase the max level to 3 for example.
That's why there is an option to reset your omega orb and removes all potions if I need to nerf things later.
Players will always keep their quest progression but if there is an update making their potion choice less interesting they won't lose anything.

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To test game balance, Asylum makes a very good suggestion. I wouldn't release it as a huge buff to a passive skill, but you can *test* it as a passive skill on a class you already play.

I am not against potions, I was trying to think of how the game handles things. My buffs are toggled off when I first log in. Working within the framework of GD is much easier than working against it and probably more successful too.
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After thinking and testing, the endless buffs I think I might change the system.
Bottomless potions wre removed because the consumable_skilltre is limited.
Endless buffs could be abused after reseting omega orbs exept if I made the skills dispelable but this is not convenient.
So I will make the source of the mod available if another modders like to learn from this idea.

I will now test instead medal augment that grants a toggled buff.Maybe augments will replace endless buffs at higher level
I have also introduced the Omega boss monsters that have a low chance to spawns after killing an Heor monster in Ultimate.
The chance to spawn is increased according to your Omega level.
Omega boss are essentially modified nemesis monsters but don't count as a nemesis kill, don't drop nemesis MI but instead carry their own awesome MI.
They can spawn anywhere you kill a Hero monster, so you have to be always prepared !
Lost Treasures Mod :http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42534

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Default Great work

Great concept, can't wait to see where it goes. Its great the devs have allowed projects like this to happen.
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ok so i tried this

i dissassembled fateweavers leggings that had both a component and augment in it.

i got some scrap and a random component out of it. plus the original component returned as well. i did not get a legendary essense.

maybe it breaks if the item isn't "clean" first? do we need to remove augment and component for it to work? perhaps throw a warning message or something.

or just fix it
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end-game, hero soul, legendary, mod, omega

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