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Shield charge, or whatever it was called, with that passive which added AoE for it. Just lovely.

Rogue's Trap. The havoc it causes... early in the game. Too bad it became useless later. As I like ward spells, I were hesitating between this and Battle Standard. I also liked that enemies used them. So yeah, more ward spells ^^

Ternion Strike. As an interesting attack replacer. Such spells are awesome, if you can combine them with other spells, mainly attack enhancers.
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There are probably a lot of important passive skills, I SHOULD list here but those that have come to mind are active AOE skills: Flame Surge, Ice Shard and War Wind. War Wind is great, if your weapon/s have a stun/slow/freeze effect. They let you handle hordes of enemies effectively.

While you can play most of the game with LMB only (and wait that your passive skills are triggered), these skills give you the satisfaction, that it was you, who mastered a difficult situation.

I'm also a big fan of healing spells - I started with a Conjurer and relied on healing my pets with Regrowth & Dissemination.
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Vision of Death coupled with Plague. Purely the synergy between them; it was lovely to see a bunch of melee dudes coming at you, with their ranged fighters behind them. Than poison the melee fightersr and cast Vision of Death on them, so they'd run straight back through enemy lines and poison everything for you. Not the fastest way of killing enemies, but the sheer awesomeness of turning enemies against themselves through use of a synergy was wonderful.

I liked Dark Covenant as well, when I finally tried it out. With Heart of Oak (health) and Refresh (-recharge) to synergize, it worked perfectly. Although I think both the penalty and the reward could've been a lot bigger.

Dream had the most visually appealing effects (Disortion Wave and Distort Reality were perhaps too similar, but cool-looking and screenfilling nonetheless). And the fact that you had flying bodies while using Distortion Wave made it even more awesome (what would be cool (but overpowered) was if Distortion Wave would send enemies through the sky always; and the ones that didn't die from the Wave should stand up again )
It really looked like you were wreaking havoc. And ofcourse Phantom Strike was buttrock as well.

The best-looking pet though, was the Coredweller. And Munderbunny managed to make it even more awesome in the Underlord mod.

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Its really difficult to pick a favorite skill.

I would have to say Thunderclap was my favorite even though I didn't have control of the skill. It was so effective especially for a combat/casting class. Also it sounded nice, activated on a regular basis and kept me risking my character's life for the skill, "if i stay in combat just a little bit longer...must hold my ground".

My favorite graphic was Dream's Distortion Wave. Distort Reality was the same thing but I liked the directional wave graphic more. The blended purple and blue colors along with the dust and rocks were really quite the spectacle for me. I never teched it higher than level one, I just used it because it was cool and slowed a target group unaffected by Distort Reality.

Nature's Refresh skill really helped create synergy effects with my storm mastery. Being able to cast lightning and thunderball twice in one combat was really neat.

I would also like to say that Nature's Strength of the Pack was really nice because it made the wolves that much cooler with their howling noise and group buff.
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Marksmanship, Puncture Shot, Scatter Shot skill line (and Volley)
A fun, solid archer line that provided ranged AoE damage.

Shield Smash, Disable, Pulverize
A nice way to provide some offensive ability for a defensive setup.

The spread among nearby enemies concept is unique and choosing who to target for the most effectiveness is a fun tactical decision.
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My favourite effects were: Herbal Remedy - green sparkle fits well with a ranger wearing the tracker armour set, it was pretty awesome.

Deathchill Aura
- looks great, really gives your character a dark feel.
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Batter - Skeleton "I believe I can fly" Skeletons are the best enemies ever!
War Wind - slay them all
Summon Core Dweller - cool pet!!!

Gameplay is great, especially to smash enemies with Shield and see how far they will fly)))

P.S.: Warfare has to much passive skills and only 2 active (only one becourse the Onslaught is an default attack and Horn, B Standard are active passive), Warrior needs more body moving skills like War wind with weapons and so on. =)
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Shield Charge + Disruption - Great skill that has a very visceral feeling...rush forward slamming all enemies sending them flying!

Shield Smash + Pulverize + Disable - Great passives that have nice animations and devastating effects. One of the really nice things about this line of skills is it gives a impression that your character is evolving in armed combat. It mixes up the normal attack animation and there is a sense of melee progression. Most games in this genre the normal attack animation never changes.

Call of the Wild Skill Line - Actually, most of the pets in TQ but I'll just mention these guys...basically I really like how not only do the pets in TQ grow in power with investment, but they also gain skills. I think this really is a dynamic most ARPG's don't have. Of course Grim Dawn could improve this aspect...maybe actual choices in which skills to give a pet or something. Also, the one thing that was missing was visual upgrades to the pets as they grew in power. I hope Grim Dawn will do this for whatever pets they have planned.

Aside from that, they were also just bad ass pets. They tore crap up in a pack...they howled...they snarled...they were just awesome

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Pulverize - One of the most vicious skills in TQ. The screen-shake, the damage and the AoE effect of this skill is grand.

War Horn - The stun for x seconds and -x% enemy life of the skill augment was grand. This is a very imposing skill.

Heart of the Oak - I like this skill tree: -x% energy cost and +x% elemental resists with +x% life is great. I love the fact that this skill is an aura.

And HotO's opposite Deathchill Aura - and all of it's oppressive subsidiaries. These skills are.... well, evil.


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I like all the passive skills with a % chance to activate (volley, the dual will tree, the defense's right column...). With a good +X all skills, almost all blows cause an effect, it's a great feeling of power.

Otherwise, I like study prey and mandrake a lot.
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