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Originally Posted by Ryksa View Post
Actually, Grim Dawn is slow paced compared to TQ:AE:RAG. I always play with Very Fast setting. TQ world maybe larger and the character progression is slower, but the world is more engaging and combat is faster than in GD. In GD, there is no variety at all in world locations, not so much. Dark forest, dark swamps, dark dungeons, dark desolate towns, thats it.
Uh, no. TQ only gets variety starting in Act 3 and even then it repeats a lot of enviroments. Greece is nothing but green plains for pretty much all of it, with the ocassional tomb and cave and the latter two all look the same. Even repeats layouts. Egypt is a giant map of sand with no variety whatsoever except for a couple of oasis. Act 3 gets better but still has a lot of green plains which still just look like the ones from Greece. Act 4 has actual variety, same with Act 5.

Meanwhile act 1 of GD has swamps, destroyed towns, caves with actual different layouts, an underground transit and underground lab. That's way more than act 1 of TQ. Same with Act 2 having way more variety than Act 2 of TQ just for the fact is not an huge map of nothing but sand and repeated tombs. Then there's forts, farmlands, an entire snowy road, a battlefield with mines, and the void areas. It seems you are just understating quite heavily how much variety there's in the game to make TQ seem to have more or just have selective memory.

I can also oversimplify the amount of variety in TQ by saying is not but green plains, sand, snow, forest and the underworld areas of Immortal Throne. See how easy it is? I actually got tired way quicker to TQ enviroments than the ones in GD.

Not to mention how long the acts can get. I can beat all three difficults in GD in around 35 hours and that's me doing everything. TQ can get so long even with the speed up option. Easily twice of GD.

And combat is faster? Are you serious? Combat in GD is way faster and more dynamic, TQ combat now feels stiff and clunky, specially with how your characters locks in place when targeting an enemy. Now to mention the really bad targeting.
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Originally Posted by tsuelue View Post
Imo TQ didnīt age very well.

I fired it up again when Ragnarok came out, but I just canīt play TQ anymore, it feels like walking through hip deep mud. Well I playing GD surely spoiled me a little.

I guess I sunk at least 2k hours into TQ back in the day, but itīs simply old now. It was awesome back then, but the feeling I had playing it, I canīt get that back now, alas.

You can get that feeling back. Just play Grim Dawn 😝

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