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.5, I know. End my life.
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I probably have around 10 hours. The reason why I am not playing is because I want to play the "full" game with the expansion. I played Titan Quest when the expansion was released. I played Diablo 2 with the expansion released.

I will be honest, this waiting is beginning to be a bit painful, I just can't wait, I can feel that this game is going to be awesome.
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My hourcount is on the low side, considering for how long I have owned the game. I've been on board since it hit early access and still very vividly remember the John Bourbon Clone telling me about the end of the content over and over again.
Heck I also still have my level 35 Commando who clearly has been doing nothing but Warden runs. I kinda keep that one as a relic of the past.

I have a second Commando on level 80 these days, as well as a 49er Warder, which nets me about 250 hours of playtime across these 3 characters.

Then I returned to Grim Dawn a couple months ago and racked up another 100 hours, playing an Elementalist(47) and a Witch Hunter(76).

So far I have a total of 354 hours to my account.

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Just under 300 hours, most of it for my hardcore conjurer Pepe who died an untimely death at the hands of an early Ultimate Valdaran.

It happened half a year ago and I'm still salty...
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