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Originally Posted by Nssheepster View Post
I prefer CD simply for safety, and for using a few other poison things without having to "lose" DPS by not spamming DEE. Plus, in tight situations you can toss it and run away, and that's superior to spam in those cases.
Excuse me but what do you mean with CD versus spamming? Other gear or build?
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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Excuse me but what do you mean with CD versus spamming? Other gear or build?
usually it's WH for dreeg cooldown (less mana consumption and more rr due to nightblade aura)

and Warlock for spam, the thing i like with warlock is the excellent energy support so you can spam DEE , and use wretched tome of nar adin+ relic granted skill+ infinite gaze+ whatever you want to cast.
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Originally Posted by They Live View Post
fun facts : despite having promised to myself that i won't roll new chars until expansion i already rolled 2 new builds and revamped an old one.

Now i'm starting to roll a DEE warlock cause i had no chars using dreeg set which i had taking dust in my stash.
I actually dusted off a level 53 WH who had been sitting side-lined, collecting dust for over half a year, once that final piece of Dreeg's (shoulders, per always, unless ammy) dropped for me.

The hell of it is, the last piece of the Venombalde set dropped right after (chest), so... what to do, what to do...

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