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Default Suggestion for Skill Menu QOL improvement

What I would really like to see is a bit of additional information added to the skill menu that would be a huge quality of life boost. My suggestion is that when you mouse over a skill there should be a line which tells either how many skill points have been invested into the skill or how much the skill is being boosted by equipment. this would make it a lot easier to plan out builds for future levels.
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I like this too. The way I use currently is to go to the person in Devil's Crossing and take out my points in a skill (costs iron bits) and count how many and then 'undo' the points (get iron bits back). So with that workaround I can see how many hard points are in. But I would like your QOL idea better than my workaround.
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Agreed. It reminds of how resistances currently work. It could be written like this:

Phantasmal armor 5/12 (+4 from equipment).
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I like this idea
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working as intended
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I also like this idea. It doesn't seem to hard to implement at first sight.
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thumbs up..

knowing Crate.. consider this done in upcoming patches
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