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Default Game crashing constantly

My game has been crashing constantly in the last week or so. Today I experienced 2 crashes, both near Sorrow's Bastion. I have submitted the crash report. Please look into this.
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Disable your antivirus, since doing so usually stops crashes to desktop due to your antivirus interfering with Grim Dawn while it's running.

Of course, the problem is, is that you've given anyone trying to help you pretty useless info that's so generic that no-one's going to be able to work out just exactly what's wrong on your end. So the generic solution is all that can be offered.

So in future, actually give a detailed explanation of the way a program crashes, it'll save you getting softly snarked at and make it easier for people to help you.

Also the crash reports are anonymised so Crate doesn't actually usually know who the fluff sent them in. And while you can give your email address, usually it's not worth Crate's time to address every crash report they get sent unless it's something significant enough (i.e. crashes caused by new patches that they're having trouble replicating) it's not worth their time to reply. Especially when nearly every issue is addressed by either fixes in patches/hotfixes or people in the forums providing support...
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First off please verify your files via Steam.

Edit...for info on "How to post bugs" please see this sticked post http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8053
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