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Originally Posted by H T C View Post
I often dismantle the legs i don't have a use for and i get lots of Blood of Ch'thons, Ancient Hearts, Tainted Brain Matters: use the smith from Necropolis to convert as needed. Never tried dismantling epic items because it wastes too much dynamite, IMO: if it weren't for dynamite's recipe using scavenged plating, i'd use the recipe more often.

As for Ch'thonic Seal of Binding, i mainly farm it in 4 areas: Tomb of Korvaak, Village of Darkvale (from Blood Grove rift), Lone Watch (until the entrance of Mourndale) and Salazar runs. Sometimes i get 4-5 in total, others i get 6-7 from Tomb of Korvaak alone + more from the other places: RNG.
That's what i'm doing right now. I appreciated your ideas. It's just a waste of Dynamite and irons. Thank you.
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