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Nemesis relic is too weak to be a Mythical relic imho. I realize that is easier to craft compared to other M. Relics, but so it is eye of the storm, and that is a very good relic. I think is the summon skill that is not that useful. Considering that Nemesis it is the relic with cold damage for nightblades, it should have instead of tha tsummon some cold based skill or attack...
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Mythical Relics should be just that MYTHICAL, Aegis is good but come on 8% to proc is too low, all high level relics that have a skill that procs on an event should have it around 33% ( that may be high but hey, its Mythical,) or even better, make it a toggled ability

The point about build specific goodies is also valid with Mythicals and a plus to all active skills gives players a choice of which Relic to install. Otherwise a builds such as Witch Hunters will tend toward the Dreegs Affliction, Malediction or Nemisis Relics
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Increase your attack speed.
Don't read this.
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Originally Posted by ibugsy View Post
Increase your attack speed.


If you don't want that Mythic Relic to be complete ass, tweek to compensate.
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Originally Posted by jabs View Post


If you don't want that Mythic Relic to be complete ass, tweek to compensate.
Then don't use it.

These games are designed to tweak your build to make things work. In some cases that's not practical or doable.
Don't read this.
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for my arcanist who stacks aether damage, haunt relic is freakn fun.
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
So Relics are out there for you to discover, craft and combine!

I'm curious as to what you guys think of the system as a whole:

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?

Any other thoughts?

Just my opinion, but the intentional limitation of the supply on Tainted Brain Matter and Blood of Ch'thon is preventing me from experimenting with crafting Relics.

I burned through all of my Blood on my 5 attempts at the Steps of Torment. I was able to get two more by trading some excess Hearts to the Cursed Smith at Necropolis. But since obtaining more Hearts or Brains or Blood is questionable, I have a tendency to sit on my supplies "just in case I might need them later".

In Titan Quest, I'd craft as many Artifacts as possible, and combined them, and swapped them in and out to test their properties. All it took was gold (plenty of that available) and various relics and charms (I had entire characters set up as "mules" to hold my relic and charm collection).

In Grim Dawn, I just completed the game, but I only crafted two Relics. The cost of crafting Relics is too dear because I need Blood to get Skeleton Keys!
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I haven't read the whole thread. I apologize beforehand if the suggestions I mention below have already been posted by somebody else:

1) A late-game summoner relic is missing. Savage is nice in middle-game, but a great end-game relic dedicated to summoners appears to be missing.
+1 to all summoning limit. (meaning a Shaman summoner for instance can have 2 Briarthorns at the same time instead of being limited to one etc)

2) Please balance better the requirements: some components are required for basically everything and some others are nearly never required for anything. By completing a build, I always end up with piles of searing embers, scavenged plating, polished emeralds etc and have no use for them.

3) A town portal relic would be nice. Grants a teleport skill that instantly brings the character back to the last town where he was, or at least the last rift that he has used. This would be a useful option for the hardcore builds that would like to try something else but fully dedicating to survivability.

4) Some recipes are almost impossible to find and to complete. I have no problem having a character level 40 who has not yet access to everything and still need to explore areas and complete quests to move on and build up his skills, but having a bunch of level 85 builds who have roamed over the whole game many times and who still just cannot complete like 30% of the recipes sounds broken to me. I am ok to have to farm a couple of times, but if this is intentional to make me have to farm whole days for absolutely nothing else but the sake of farming, then we have a misunderstanding here about what an ARPG is supposed to be.

5) More classical skills granted by items, like fire aura (that does fire damage and burn retaliation within 5 meters radius), a big poison cloud (with -at least- a 6 meters radius and a 5 meters casting range, lasting some seconds, with solid %chances of slow/confusion etc), a channeling mass cold ray, a berzerk mode (defense, armors and resistances all drop to zero, massive increase in offense, all damage and all speed and cooldown reduction), a real raise the dead spell (not a %chance of summoning the same skeleton, I mean raising back the guy you have just killed), a curse that would reduce offense, attack speed and physical/piercing damages, a blessing that max all resistances for a limited duration etc.

6) A "fed-up-of-those-vitality/eather/chaos-resistances" relic:
+50% to vitality/eather/chaos resistances, +10% to vit/eath/cha max resist.
Same for the environmental damages. Mines, eather and acid places are annoying and have no counter beyond "don't step here". A relic or special ability dedicated to the annoying areas would be a nice option.

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Relic recipes drop in this game??


Seriously - With the insane amounts of farming I've undertaken since day one, I have yet to obtain anything beyond the mid-tier relics that don't take much to make, but are about as powerful as a squirt gun in the middle of a blazing inferno. Haven't seen a relic recipe drop in months, now.
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Angry Drop chance ?

Empowered Relic Blueprints should be available on Elite difficulty in vendor shop and Transcendent Relics on Ultimate (account bound only). I'm level 80 now (1st character) and I farm (including nemesis) for Blight blueprint from over 80 hours now... RNG is just to much and make me

On level 80 I still use Empowered Relic because none of 15 Transcended I can craft is usable for my build

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