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Originally Posted by m1nx View Post
i Wonder me, so many people have fps problems, but on my system since (gtx 1080, i5 6600k@4,5ghz and 16gm memory) my fps has huge increased, but i play not the new areas im currently lvl 30^^ (i play a new char)
The old areas are smooth af, no doubt

The new areas, specifically Ugdenbog are showing performance issues
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Performance is significantly worse for me as well.

Slowdown and lag spikes/stutter/temporary freezing are worse than before. Seems slightly less severe but *much* more frequent. FPS drop seems to be constant, did not check actual FPS since it is quite obvious even to the naked eye. And this is in the OC, can't afford the expansion . Tested in several areas.

System I am running on:
16 GB ram
GTX 750

Maybe Nvidia will update their drivers, will try again if they do.

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cant even enter a game now. game freezes as soon as i try enter a game. freezes on load screen
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I just wanted to say thank you! The performance improvements brought by the engine update made the game much more enjoyable for me.
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I had terrible fps (10-20fps) when AoM came out as well. I managed to fix it today by putting "/d3d9" as a launch property. That managed to not only fix the issue, but I think I'm getting slightly higher average fps than before the expansion. So maybe the expansion switched me to dx11 which seems to not work well on my machine. Anyone else with performance drops like me might give this a try.
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awesome ^^
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