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Originally Posted by Avyctes View Post
That's not as awful as I had imagined. Surprising given Scandinavians eat such delicious (ahem) things like that Swedish fermented herring in a can (just the smell, dear gods) and one I haven't tried myself but still: fermented, buried shark meat. I mean, come on
Never go to Minnesota. Why?

First, and aside: I am well familiar with how my European ancestors ate, and the long and storied tradition of things like Haggis starting as peasant food and becoming a national dish. But you know what? My family traversed an ocean just to live somewhere where an aristocratic dickwad couldn't just nick the edible part of the cow and leave us with the lungs and liver. THAT'S LITERALLY WHY WE LEFT - SO WE COULD QUIT EATING SHIT LIKE SUET PIE.

Minnesotans today still eat and manufacture lutefisk

Hell. No.

And seriously - Minnesotans (of Scandinavian and German origin, not the new immigrants from Ethiopia and southeast Asia) consider ketchup spicy.


They also mostly suck at making cheese, which is weird because Wisconsin is awesome at at it they are neighboring states. It's kinda like Belgium and Netherlands with beer?
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