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Default Deleting a character crashes the game

Having over 80 characters, (probably this bug occurs with less) now when I delete a character it crashes the game. I can provide a .zip with all my characters if needed.

This is on top of the multiplayer crash still occurring from the game trying to render 3d models of all my characters at once in the lower right.

And this is also on top of the fact that my character list is no longer in alphabetical order but mostly in alphabetical order. Around 50+ characters some started appearing out of order.
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# of level 100 characters I have atm: 102
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Same here. Gotta delete it straight from files
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As you're both testers, does it make any difference with x64 or x86? Just to clear up one possibility

Edit.... Shouldn't this thread be in testing or are you both using current release builds instead of testing builds for this?

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I have had this issue for a long while myself. Character names out of order, constantly crash whenever deleting a character also. I am not sure if either of you use 3d software like i do such as 3dsMax, but oddly this occurs more often if I use my 3d software then try to play the game.For me, most times it requires a complete reboot then i can create, delete characters and play the game no problem at all with exception to the names which is odd.
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I don't have the deleting issue but I have the names issue and it's so frustrating
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