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Originally Posted by Norzan View Post
Shaving off 30% of your health is probably the worst part. I don't know what's with the expansion and reducing your total max health with enemies like Regurgitators, Grava'Thul and his Void Opressors and now this debuff. Just makes me love Nullification from Arcanist more and more.

I hope this trend doesn't continue in future content. Please?
Actually they should consider nerfing those HP reduction values a bit. Running around with 8.5k HP (post reduction) isn't something I prefer. It doesn't kill me but that's still make me quite uncomfortable. This is especially true for melee builds since they have to stay in range of those HP reduction auras.
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A bit OT. Demands on amount of HP, OA, DA, Armor, resistances, considering mitigating damage from chthonic, aetherial, etc, or considering increasing damage against particular group, considering resistance reductions... Currently it is on the edge (AoM ultimate). A further, even very small relieve will be really not bad. Of course, just my opinion.
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You think mark of aetherfire is bad? I learned tonight that multiple void oppressor auras are cumulative! I had three on top of me and that took me from 10k+ HP to like 5k and I almost ended up with a death out of it because they also had a hero in there with these weird machine gun style red projectiles and my chaos resists is overmaxed by almost 30. I shudder to think what would have happened if Grav had been in the mix. Also mark of aetherfire seems to penetrate blade barrier, as do certain projectiles from rift enemies. And then you have those swirling aether rings on the ground that seem to count as ground based damage that isn't affected by resists.
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