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I started playing this a few days ago and this is by far the most fun I've had with a Grim Dawn mod. There's just so much variety in the stuff you can do and the campaign almost feels like if Grim Dawn had PoE challenge leagues.

That's all I really wanted to say. Keep up the good work

e: Okay I guess I did have one bit of feedback - it seems like Gunslinger/Demo* doesn't have a combo class name because my character right now is a Gunslinger_Demolitionist*. Not sure if that's a problem on my end or just a tagging thing. It seems like a few of the components also have invalid tags as well.

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Wanted to try this mod out to day. As i'm fairly new to GD and completely new to mods in GD, i followed the instructions (unzip the file and put it in the mod folder) but when i start it ingame i just have the campaign map to choose from in the custom games and can't find the DGA map. Did i forget something or is it maybe just incompatible with game version?
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