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Originally Posted by Woofknight View Post
Ah, I missed that secondary set of bonuses. In that case, that might be the case. I was also not looking at the level 94 version I realised so overall better possibly.
You also overlooked how important 80% freeze res is in crucible, it was a game changer for my trickster switching from purple to blue.
Overall: Blue rings have higher base flat damage, higher OA and capped freeze res. Its proc even deals higher frostburn damage. The only thing the purple ring excel is conversion and enemy damage reduction on the proc (the health reduction never hurts anyone).
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Originally Posted by bryanw1995 View Post
You're joking about that, right? You have a death knight, that's the best character for hardcore b/c it's so tanky yet can still do pretty good dps, too. Just craft a menhir's bastion and get aeon's hourglass/dying god and you'll be gtg. My hardcore death knight farms lokarr and Clones of a Certain Person for lols, face tanks Avatar and all nemesis, and his gear is barely better than yours.

Here's the grimtools model that I used for my death knight fyi. My greens are still works in progress but other gear and skills are the same:


edit: actually, I just uploaded my death knight:


Getting one similar to mine shouldn't take you too much time, but getting really great rares like that first link has makes farming up the krieg's set feel like a casual stroll in the park.
Cheers , might take a look at that
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Originally Posted by Nodders View Post
Cheers , might take a look at that
It's totally worth it. For me, the biggest thing I saw once I started using rares was that I was able to really ramp up the OA. I struggle on most other builds to maintain toughness yet still have good OA, but death knight allows that.
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Great thread here thx guys. I have a death knight as well and you've certainly given me some ideas for improvement.
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