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Default [Tool] GD Interactive Maps

I just released my first version of the Grim Dawn Interactive Maps tool:



- Zoomable world map with hotspots. Zoom can be done with the mousewheel and/or the blue map menu icons.
- Clicking on each hotspot lable you'll see a little image and sometimes a brief explanation about the hotspot.
- Clicking on each menu entry below the world map will zoom the map to the chosen location.
- Lables are hidden until you zoom almost to the max, to avoid confusion.
- Dragging the bottom-right corner of the map will resize it.
- Map of each dungeon/undeground area, classified by acts (main menu).
- Map names in the colorbox popup.
- Maps can be viewed through worldmap too. Each tooltip box contains the map link/s corresponding to each location.
- Rift tooltips appear before any other type of tooltip when zooming. 50% zoom now shows the rift tooltips, 80% zoom shows all tooltips (some kind of antispoiler).

You can also download a compressed file containing all the images used to create the app. This also includes the layered psd file used to create the world map and the hotspots.

Due to the game nature, hotspots can be classified in many ways. I made it 99% in a chronological order. I think is the easiest way to use it, and also the easiest way for me if I need to modify the script.

For any kind of question or suggestion, please, you're welcome.

Hope you find it useful.

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