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Originally Posted by mvplord View Post
Are there any plans to rebalance/redesign some of the specs from mods that aren't being actively worked on anymore in the near or distant future?
That's the responsibility of the mod's author. We're not really planning on doing any changes until the expansion which will force us to anyways. NCFF may not even be in DAIL then.
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does a clean install matter if im updating from 60.6 to 61.0 and if so how do i go about cleaning GD files to do a clean install or would just reinstalling GD be the simplest?
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Ive been enjoying the DGA mode so far in DAIL mod.

Ive recently encountered an issue tho.
When I switched to ultimate difficulty for the mode itself, I cannot choose any difficulty above Elite, the difficulty collumn just dissapears from the Quest bar and NPC window starts glitching if I click on it again.

Does the change of Difficulty actually works? Any way to fix it so it shows normally in quest tab?
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