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Default Stuttering/Lag Totally Ruining The Game

Before the "UpGrAdE YeR PoTaTo CoMpUtEr" trolls flood the gates:

• i7 4790k @4.6GHz
• MSI 980Ti
• 24GB RAM

I've tried turning down every single option in the video settings to it's lowest, as well as unchecking all the options in the bottom right-hand corner of the video settings menu (V-sync, triple buffering, etc...), & I've tried turning off cloud saving. I've also tried reinstalling the game. The result: Nothing.

The amount of stuttering & 1-2 second screen freezes I get while playing the game is absolutely absurd. I have to make sure to drop portals every minute or so purely as a means to counter deaths that arrive as a result of my screen freezing in the middle of combat. It's annoying enough to be considered borderline game-breaking.

If anyone has any ideas as to how this issue can be resolved (please read the above before offering ideas that I've already tried), it would be highly appreciated. At this moment in time, I'm facing the unfortunate ultimatum involving me either finding a fix, or uninstalling the game—because the game is, in my opinion, totally unplayable in this state.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you continuously played since you joined last year, or have you recently started to play again? If the former, since when are you experiencing this? If the latter, what has changed on your machine during your break?

In October last year Crate upgraded the renderer to DX11 with V1.0.2.0. That was a bit before your previous post. Some people have issues with it and needed to switch back to DX9. Does it improve if you add /d3d9 to your launch options?

So much for a start. More tech-savvy folks might be able to assist you better than I.
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Is GD installed on an SSD? Disk read/write speed is nowadays the other big bottleneck in games.
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Also try /nocommit in launch options and check if something else isn't hogging your disk write like a virus scan or windows update.
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