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Default lf some1 to craft


I'm looking for a kind soul to craft me a visor of octavius got all the mats ^^

you can pm me here or on steam.
my steam name is shody830
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Hi, guys. Anyone have a Bysmiel-Sect leggards with the ''of Caged Souls'' suffix or any item from this link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pKk0LN?

The legendaries I have are: (not many :/)
- Mythical Voidwalker Footpads
- Mythical Fiend's Resolve
- Mythical Lifeblaze Mantle
- Mythical Tome of Names
- Mythical Tainted Ruby of Gar'dal

(I'll be updating the list as I gather more legendaries)
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Hi all

I'm looking for these items on HC:

Mythical Bloodrager's Cowl (crafter)
Mythical Bloodrager's Gem
Mythical Bloodrager's Shoulderguard

Massacre Relic (crafter)

mindlessg on steam

I have what's below to offer:

Legendary Items
  • Blazeborn Mantle
  • Dawnbreaker's Shoulderguard [Dawnbreaker's Light]
  • Deathguard Mantle [Deathguard]
  • Mantle of Dreeg [Shroud of Dreeg]
  • Mythical Cortosian Scrolls
Chest Armor
  • Belgothian's Armor [Belgothian's Slaughter]
  • Demonslayer's Jacket [Demonslayer's Garb]
  • Diviner's Raiment [Diviner's Vision]
  • Frostdread Cuirass
  • Korba's Furs [Korba's Fury]
  • Mythical Deathmarked Jacket [Deathmark's Shadow]
  • Mythical Demonslayer's Jacket [Demonslayer's Armament]
  • Mythical Devil's Cage Hauberk
  • Mythical Necrolord's Shroud
  • Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar
  • Mythical Shroud of Illusion
  • Mythical Ulzuin's Chestguard [Ulzuin's Infernal Avatar]
  • Mythical Venomancer's Raiment
  • Mythical Vestments of Dreeg [Deception of Dreeg]
  • Necrolord's Shroud
  • Shroud of Illusion
  • Bonescavenger's Deathgrips
  • Cindertouch
  • Mageslayer's Armguard [The Mageslayer]
  • Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad
  • Mythical Colossal Grasp
  • Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar
  • Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might
  • Mythical Light's Defender Gauntlets [Light's Guardian]
  • Mythical Riftwarped Grasp x 3
  • Riftwarped Grasp
  • The Crimson Claws
  • Feralmane Legplates
  • Mythical Deathwhisper Leggings x 2
  • Mythical Dread Knight's Legplates
  • Mythical Fateweaver's Leggings
  • Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar
  • Mythical Thornhide Legguards
  • Wraithborne Legwraps
  • Galewind Treads
  • Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
  • Stormbearers
  • Stormtitan Treads x 2
  • Venomspine Greaves x 3
  • Avenger's Girdle [Nature's Avenger]
  • Cord of Violent Decay
  • Girdle of Stolen Dreams
  • Infernal Knight's Girdle [The Infernal Knight]
  • Mythical Blade Breaker Sash x 2
  • Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle
  • Mythical Scales of Beronath
  • Mythical Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade
  • Pack of Treacherous Means
  • Phantom-Thread Girdle
  • Darkblaze Source [Darkblaze Garb]
  • Invoker's Shard [Invoker's Elements]
  • Mythical Demonslayer's Defense [Demonslayer's Armament]
  • Mythical Iskandra's Focusing Prism [Iskandra's Unification]
  • Mythical Night's Embrace
  • Mythical Sovereign Ruby of Domination
  • Mythical Will of Bysmiel
  • Sovereign Ruby of Domination
  • Spellscourge Deflector [The Spellscourge]
  • Stormseer Sapphire
  • Mark of Dark Dreams
  • Mark of Ulzuin
  • Markovian's Stratagem
  • Mythical Dreadchill Mark
  • Mythical Mark of the Forbidden
  • Mythical Pyroclasm Mark
  • Mythical Rotdrinker Crest x 2
  • Mythical Undying Oath
  • Pyroclasm Mark
  • Rotdrinker Crest
  • Invoker's Shocking Touch [Invoker's Elements] x 2
  • Mythical Jaxxon's Lucky Bullet
  • Screams of the Aether
  • Brutallax
  • Crescent Moon
  • Earthsplitter
  • Edge of Sanity
  • Mythical Ravager's Bite
  • Deathguard Blade [Deathguard]
  • Mythical Veilpiercer
  • Mythical Venomlash
  • Runed Dagger of Dreeg [Shroud of Dreeg] x 2
  • Temporal Tempest
  • Amarastan Crusher
  • Beacon of the Winter's Veil
  • Dawnbreaker's Sledge [Dawnbreaker's Light] x 3
  • Fist of the Venomblade [The Venomblade Pact]
  • Mythical Dawnbreaker's Sledge [Dawnseeker's Light] x 2
  • Mythical Warborn Gavel [Warborn Bastion]
  • Plaguebearer of Dreeg x 2
  • Mythical Rune of Elgoloth
  • Mythical Spark of Ultos x 2
  • Spark of Ultos
  • Wrath of the Ascendant
  • Bloodsong
  • Crimson Spike
  • Crystallum
  • Mythical Crimson Spike x 2
  • Mythical Deathmarked Claw [Deathmark's Shadow] x 2
  • Mythical Pagar's Betrayal
  • Mythical Reaver's Claw
  • Dawnbreaker's Duty [Dawnbreaker's Light]
  • Mythical Dawnbreaker's Duty [Dawnseeker's Light]
  • Mythical Watcher of Erulan x 2
  • Mythical Will of the Living
  • Skybreach Bulwark
  • The Grey Knight
  • Will of the Living
  • Diviner's Codex [Diviner's Vision]
  • Hellscourge
  • Mythical Fiend's Resolve
  • Mythical Reaper of the Accursed
  • Mythical Tome of Names
  • Reaper of the Accursed
  • Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin
2H Axe
  • Mythical Death's Reach x 2
  • Soulrend
  • Ultos' Stormseeker [Ultos' Storm]
2H Mace
  • Infernal Brimstone
  • Obsidian Juggernaut
  • Wildblood Crusher [Wildblood Vanguard]
2H Sword
  • Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari
  • Mythical Bane of the Winter King
  • Mythical Nightshade's Reach
  • Demonslayer's Life-Ender [Demonslayer's Garb]
  • Deviltongue
  • Exterminus
  • Mythical Arcanum Electrollis
  • Mythical Deathdealer's Sidearm
  • Mythical Havoc
2H Ranged
  • Evoker of Elgoloth
  • Gildor's Pulverizer
  • Gutripper
  • Mythical Dreadscorcher
  • Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth x 2
  • Mythical Gutripper
  • Mythical Harbinger of Eternal Suffering [The Harbinger's Message]
  • Mythical Quillthrower of Dreeg
  • Mythical Silverbolt x 2
  • Quillthrower of Dreeg
  • Runebinder's Spellthrower [The Runebinder] x 2
  • Silverbolt
  • Valdun's Rifle [Valdun's Treachery]
  • Vortex of Souls
  • Witching Hour
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Originally Posted by Walker View Post

Mythical Arcane Shard of Agrivix
Mythical Manthle of Agrivix
Mythical Trozans Starkeeper
Mythical Spark of Ultos

Have lots of mythicals and set pieces to trade.

You on steam? My username is mortar031. I have the Mythical Spark is you still need it?

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If anyone has them, I need Octavius set shield and shoulders and head bluprint.
add me on Steam - user is Dromihete - Fallout New Vegas ranger icon.


got the Octavius set.

-blueprint for Beronath, Reforged,
-Mythical Chausses of Barbaros,
-Mythical Closed fist and Open Hand of Mercy,
- Krieg's boots.

I have some legs and mats, let's deal.

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Default Trade

Looking to trade kriegs chest plates x2 for boots, and grips
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UPDATED 26.08.2018

Need :
Peerles Eye of Beronath
Mythical Warborn Gavel
Mythical Warborn Chestguard

I have a bunch of Mythical stuff to trade:

Mythical Stonefist Rebuke
Mythical Gutripper
Avenger's Crusher
Mythical Guillotine
Mythical Ulthos' Seeker
Mythical Agony
Mythical Beacon of Winter
Mythical Crystalum
Mythical Fist of the Venomblade
AMarastan Crusher
Mythical Morguul Mortality
Mythical Blood sigil of Cthon
Mythical Direwolf Crest
Mythical Sigil of the Bear King
Mythical Sovereign Ruby of Domination
Mythical Combustion Band
Mythical Belgothian Sigil
Mythical Bonescavanger's grips
Mythical Chilling Grips of Hagaraad
Mythical Ulthos Cuirass

and many, many more !

Steam id : Dromihete. Avatar is Fallout New Vegas ranger

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Dromihete: I have Beronath, Reforged level 75 that I can craft, if this is interesting?

Looking for a crafter or if anyone has the recipe for:

Deathguard Hood
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Also for trade, Sect leg armor , maybe it's good for some builds :

Fire/aether builds



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I'm fine now, thanks.

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