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Originally Posted by Beaston View Post
By the divine wisdom given to me from God Almighty....

April 26th.

The prophet Beaston has spoken.
Indeed, that would be a splendid birthday present.
Love the smileys.

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Default Release date

May 1st just my hunch
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Im also guessing April 26th mainly because NWN Open Beta is 30th Im thinking they might wanna beat that out simply because a good chunk of people will also be interested in it.
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Originally Posted by cdeanoh View Post
Like Dragonwolf, I think it will be several years later than planned.

Also, to everyone's disappointment the much anticipated multi-player feature will not be included in the release. However, it will include a surprise feature, the real money auction house; guaranteed to improve the overall experience of the core game. In anticipation of a console port, any sort of real character development system will be removed, along with a rewarding drop system. What will be included is hours of mindless grinding for generic and unrewarding equipment that isn't even worth picking up ...

Oh, wait, this is about Grim Dawn.

Has the 20th of April been taken, yet?
Good one! You really had me fooled!

My guess is the 22nd. I really hope it is this month. I hope it lasts a good time, too.
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Based on the time between updates, I'm gonna say first week of May. I'll say May 5th.

I hope it's on April 20th but... that's not my guess

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July 28th or August 13th. I'm not much for time frames.
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April 15 since Uncle Sam wants his due in the form of GD Alpha coming out that day.
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Originally Posted by Renevent View Post
I just hope it's really soon...been waiting since 01-14-2010
Haven't we been waiting since August 2009?
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As long as it is not on April 31th (which could suit the devs' need for time)
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So so far we have:

April 12- ibugsy
April 13 - DeMasked
April 15 - JohnNamikaze
April 18 - Caramon
April 20 - cdeanoh
April 22 - Mihalis, fallensinner
April 26 - Beaston, Myrrdinn
April 29 - Shinrou
April 30 - Younghappy
May 1 - grimdigital
May 5 - Fyle
May 22 - Capprice

Place your bets... the winner gets a special edition of a dark, grim, wicked... smile from the devs!
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