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children of the damned, I've always wanted to shoot/stab/burn/whatever them >: )
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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Oh and we absolutely need a true villain as a reoccuring rival.^^
children of the damned ^^
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Since GD is going to have inventions from the "Victorian era", then might as well have these little miscreants around to sabatage some of them.

I don't mean identical to the movie ones, but some form of saboteur.
He could have pointed little ears, & sharp teeth, but be small & mechevious.

And the usual assortment of trolls, orcs, golems, goblins, & etc.
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It should be fine to find cooperative animals just like the albinos spiders on IT : very fragile but quite dangerous when they attack simultaneously. It fit very well with insects.

I can also imagine very little monsters that are design as "a group of". Modelling 5 rats, for exemple which are in fact only one monster. A noun of bees.

I like mounted hostiles, maybe some symbiotic organisms can be also a good idea.
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Has anyone mentioned the grim reaper?


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I posted this on the TQ.Net site, but figured would move it here...

Baba Yaga


Always thought she was pretty scary for some reason...would be awesome to have a quest starting in a town...townsfolks complain children showing up missing. You would have to fight your way through a dark winding forest and end up finding her house and killing her and of course saving the children (well...the ones she hasn't already eaten yet ).

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