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Default An attempt with a Nex and Ortus

Okay... So I have been playing around with this Saboteur trying to get it to work since I first made it. It has gone from a 2-handed fire ranged build to a DW fire/cold build and I am liking how it plays more than before, but I feel like it is lacking significantly. Can I get some suggestions? I really want to make with Nex and Ortus build to work

Fire and Ice Saboteur:
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Look at this thread http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70221
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i had a fire & cold sabo in the vanilla game using the elemental balance rings and nex & ortus. original versions of course (mythicals didn't exist back then).

build is pretty straightforward. i mean - it buffs firestrike and blade burst, so that's the 2 main skills and everything else falls into place automatically when you fill it out to squeeze out as much utility as possible from the remaining points.

your devotion tree looks kinda weak, though. elemental storm seems like a must have for such a build. whether you follow that up with more fire & frost damage stuff or pick up more defensive/survival is a matter of taste.

i think i had elemental storm, eldritch fire and meteor shower in my build. was originally a DW fire sabo before i found the 2 swords and it was still mostly a fire build with some cold stuff added for flavor. guess you could also do a proper fire & cold build and go for whirlpool and meteor shower after grabbing elemental storm. or settle for lower hanging fruit (blizzard instead of whirlpool for example) so you can afford a few defensive goodies along the way.
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cold, fire, nex, ortus, saboteur

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