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Cannot use my PC as the kids are in various Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats on Mame, with plans to beat Donkey Kong and Ms PacMan, oh what little do they know.
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I only enjoyed WoW as long as I was playing with my RL friends.
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Originally Posted by jiaco View Post
Yeah, I am aware that it sucks the life of out people, but thanks for re-iterating that fact.

It was on sale so like 7 + 24 + 12 or something for base, legion, 1 month, but when you think that all that money is up in smoke in 1 month unless I pay another month, well, it feels like a trap.

Anyway, the goal is 1 month at a time and if the grades increase each month, we will continue. Probably sounds like the wrong plan to most people, but he refused to "want" anything else and after a week of saying NEVER, he still persisted and I felt helpless.

Not sure what is going to happen. The dlc Legion said something about getting to level 100 right away or something, so hopefully this cuts his grind time down by a lot since he is mainly playing with someone that has already been playing awhile.
Create an account yourself and play with him. Then see how much his interest holds up

Honestly, best is probably to take genuine interest in it; ask him questions, get him to keep you updated on what he's discovering and his progression etc. Then at least he knows you're on his side and you will also keep across any issues that may arise. You can also then also point out the psychological traps etc and guide him towards better games.

Put him on to some Extra Credits videos (I.e. Design by landfill) so he can educate himself on game design and particularly the systems used in WoW etc.
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I watched someone play wow for like 5 minutes and my interest rapidly declined.

MMO's being large time/money sinks and some mechanics add to the avoidance of such games.
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