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Default Unification Project: Three difficulties in one

Greetings Grim Dawn survivors.

First excuse my English. For the players that do all the missions, explore the complete map, restore all the sanctuaries ... it is repetitive to do the same 3 times per character and the most important thing requires a lot of time to do it. This is the main reason that makes me think about whether to start a new character or not. And I have already about 8 characters, I've played from the beta where there was only the first act.

Now that the second expansion is just around the corner, we will have more map, more sanctuaries and more missions ... I think it is time to stop and meditate if ... is it convenient to make a change or add-on to the current system?. I am not saying to eliminate the current system because I am sure that many players are the system they prefer it, since it is a more "classic" system.

Talking with other Grim Dwan players (not too many) on all occasions we reached the same conclusion, that of unifying the three difficulties to one. Just as POE did at the time, when it added more content to the game in its second expansion "The Fall of Oriath". I think it is an idea that requires a lot of work to correctly balance the game and that it may not be compatible with already created characters. But in my opinion it is a necessary change for a current isometric ARPG and more of a great extension like Grim Dawn.

Thanks for your attention.

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This has been bought up many, many times and as Crate have said.... They have some ideas about this and will see what comes up in the future.
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Originally Posted by Jaknet View Post
This has been bought up many, many times and as Crate have said.... They have some ideas about this and will see what comes up in the future.
Second thread posted like this in the last 24 hours...
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It seems to me a very successful proposal, already in this first expansion there is a minimum difficulty, I think if you look for a way to do the whole journey in one pass with the new expansion, it will be a success. sorry for my English
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One more time!

Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
They've said several times they're looking at possibilities to streamline it.

13th April:

"Will the 3 difficulty issue be addressed in Forgotten Gods or any time soon?

We shall see. We have some ideas. We'll have to see how they turn out and whether we go through with them."

25th May:

"Do you will remove 3 difficulty levels? and make one ?

I don't think we'd remove 3 difficulty levels. We're looking at possibilities of streamlining the difficulty levels, but nothing to announce quite yet."

27th July:

"Pokerkid777 :Will there be any way to skip elite straight into ultimate? Going through the main game and 2 expansions 3 times can become very tedious at times.

I do understand that concern for some of you who have been playing the game for a long time and want to level a bunch of characters up to maximum difficulty. I actually have an idea for how to have a solution to this conundrum for those of you. The programmer is looking into how doable that solution would be and how long it would take. There are a lot of factors involved here. The biggest one honestly is we don't want to break your characters, primarily due to the attribute and skill rewards you get on Normal and Elite difficulties. When we release an expansion we're more careful of that so the skill rewards are exclusive to Ultimate."
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As someone who hasn't finished the game once on Normal yet, I can say part of me is already kind of dreading having to repeat the content just on my first full playthrough. Part of my motivation to play through the extra difficulties is that I won't have to do the Forgotten Gods act 3 times if I beat Ultimate before it comes out. I know with Shattered Realm you technically won't have to play through the extra difficulties but I bet there's still benefits you get like rep, skill points, etc, you get from playing through all difficulties.

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@yaknet, @medea fleecestealer, thanks for clarification.
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