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Default Grim Misadventure #29 - Mug Shots

Hello and welcome back! Today’s update is going to be a little bit artsy stuff and a little bit design. Let’s begin with the pretty pictures.

A common concern in alpha revolved around our NPC faces. They peered back at you with their soulless eyes, demanding your attention all while reminding you of your fleeting mortality. This torment will soon end, with Allminoxy’s NPC update.

Using the latest in facial restructuring technology 2.0 (we gave our artist the existing textures and told him to do his thing), we have given our NPCs more personality and less oh hey same mustache…and eyes…and lips…and everything else.

Check out the same old NPCs, but with a brand new look, below:

Can you put a name to a face?

On the design end, in addition to the overhaul on rare and unique items, we wanted to fill some of the gaps that existed in our components and rare affixes.

With components, there was a sorely lacking selection for accessories (rings, amulets, medals) and shields. In addition, there were no options for chaos and aether damage dealers in the weapon slot, at least of the common component variety. To alleviate these issues, we added 17 new components, 9 of which are available in the Alpha level range.

Damn’t, that’s more art!

Rare affixes also required some additions. In this case, the underrepresented options were for pierce damage, resistances on shields, and energy regeneration. We added 34 new rare affixes to the existing tally of 129, for a grand total of 163 rare affixes for you to hunt. Note that some rare affixes may not be available in the alpha level range.

This wraps up today’s post. You can check back on 09/16/13 for the next piece of development news!
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