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Default Question about OA/DA

Hi guys, I've been wondering this for some time as I've leveled my Pet cabalist, but does DA/OA just naturally get to 2.7k~ by the time I hit 90s/100? I'm sitting at around 2k DA/1.8k OA and I don't quite see how I will be jumping that high anytime soon. Is it something wrong with my gear/build?

This is my 1st character to finish ultimate so I don't have any of the rigged legendaries or relics but if it is the build problem and something can be done, I would love some help. My character is: qNYRap72 (sorry I can't post links yet!)

Thanks guys!
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Average OA is 2700 at level 100, while DA around 2600. The best amounts are 3000 of both, OA and DA, but 2500 OA/DA is not bad either.
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Originally Posted by USER_NAME_01 View Post
Average OA is 2700 at level 100, while DA around 2600.
Maybe on a finished build, but certainly not if you're new.

Yes, most OA/DA comes from gear, with some extra coming from skill/devotion selection.

A pet cabalist needs OA a little less than other builds on average, but DA is still important.
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Until you hit ultimate, there's little reason to worry about OA/DA too much. You want to hit decent OA/DA eventually, but on normal/vet/elite, you'll have enough. Probably.

When it comes to endgame gear, the trick lies in the augments. Most builds use Ravager's Eye and etiher Sylvarria's Essence or Survivor's Ingenuity in the weapon for jewelry augments. Reason being that those give you %OA/DA, all very valuable. And if you can't rise high enough, you can always try dragging your enemies down with OA/DA shredding skills like Curse of Frailty, Wasting, Blackwater Cocktail, Flashbang and such.

For OA, you want enough to get a decent crit chance, especially if you have celestial powers and procs that activate on crit. Good DA is important to not get critted, but if you want to get the extra mile DA superiority can make your enemies miss. Crits hurt, and worse still, they come in damage spikes which can end you before you notice you're in trouble. 2700 is adequate, 3000 is good, 3500 is excellent. Beyond that, diminishing returns start kicking in hard.
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The classic OA/DA question - values depend very much so on your build. While items do give a lot of OA and DA, you can very easily boost it by tweaking your augments, components and your devotion pathing.

Ugdenbog leather give 30 DA each, runebound topaz - 52.
Survivor's ingenuity give 2% OA and DA.
Ravager's eye has 3% DA.

You can also include devotions like wolverine, hawk, watchtower, viper, dying god, spear, ulzuin's torch, obelisk for more of them.

Do bear in mind that %physique and %cunning go a long way to adding to them as well.

Another thing to note is that many skills give OA &/or DA. It's common practice to max those out (e.g. Field command).

AFAIK, it's relatively easy to hit 2.5k DA and OA without gimping your build. This is especially true if you play the soldier class.
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