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Default Vitality WOP Vindicator

Just an untested theory craft working with Radaggan's Set. Sadly, grimtools won't allow me to get a link for this build so here goes some screenshots.

I. Itemization: Part - Item (Component | Augment)

Helm - Radaggan's Mask (Living Armor | Spiritguard Powder)
Amulet - Radaggan's Gem (Seal of Annihilation | Survivor's Ingenuity)
Left Ring - Mythical Signet of the Fallen (Runebound Topaz | Survivor's Ingenuity)
Right Ring - Mythical Cursebearer (Runebound Topaz | Survivor's Ingenuity)
Left Weapon - Decree of Malmouth (Seal of Blight | Ravager's Eye)
Right Weapon - Decree of Malmouth (Seal of Blight | Ravager's Eye)
Chest Armor - Radaggan's Shroud (Living Armor | Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Shoulders - Radaggan's Mantle (Living Armor | Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Gloves - Mythical Riftwarped Grasp (Ugdenbog Leather | Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Boots - Blighted Stoneplate Greaves of Kings (Ugdenbog Leather | Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Pants - Rampage Kubacabra's Chausses of Kings (Ugdenbog Leather | Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Relic - Mogdrogen's Ardor
Belt - Mythical Cord of Deception (Ugdenbog Leather | Outcast's Warding Powder)
Medal - Mythical Direwolf Crest (Tainted Heart)

II. Skills

III. Devotion

Hungering Void bound to Savagery
Wendigo's Mark bound to Wendigo Totem
Twin Fangs bound to Inquisitor Seal
Acid Spray bound to Word of Pain
Will of Rattosh bound to Devouring Swarm

In closing...

This build abuses the 100% elemental conversion to vitality damage, high vilality resistance shred from WOP (-30% from 2x from Decree of Malmouth, Flat 28 RR from Manticore), Devouring Swarm (-60% from Devouring Swarm, -25% from Will of Rattosh), Censure (-25% from Radaggan's Folly), sustained lifesteal from Censure and Wendigo Totem, 25% Reduced Target's Damage from Censure and 300 Damage Absorption from Inquisitor Seal.

Please feel free to drop constructive criticism for improvements. Thanks!

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