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Question Working with .msh Files

I have no 3D modeling experience whatsoever (not entirely true, I have voxelation experience...).

I want to shamelessly edit some properties of existing GD items.

Can I do so in a text editor?

Particularly I'm interested in reskinning stuff and applying different FX to existing models. I'm not interested in changing the actual models of things (as I believe that's well beyond the scope of my ability at present). By looking into the .msh file for the Mask of Infernal Truth, for instance, I can find this information in a text editor:

glowTexture   #   Items/gearhead/head_026_01a_glo.tex   baseTexture   #   Items/gearhead/head_026_01a_dif.tex   bumpTexture   #   Items/gearhead/head_026_01a_nml.tex   specTexture          l  AttachPoint
    name   = "FXHead"
    parent = "Bip01 Head"
    origin = (0.299526, 0.047181, -0.000000)
    xAxis  = (-0.161568, -0.987063, -0.000000)
    yAxis  = (0.987063, -0.161568, -0.000000)
    zAxis  = (-0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000)
    attach = "FXHead"
    entity = "Records\FX\ItemFX\MagicalFX\FireGeneric02_FX.dbr"
If I were to copy/paste the rest of the gibberish-data of the .msh file into a new .msh file, but edit some of the above information (changing the .tex links, changing the FX.dbr link, etc.), could that functionally work? Or are .msh files signed in some capacity and I'm just totally out of luck?

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There is a tutorial by solemn(I think is his username) about using the editor to change attachment data. Look for that.
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Other than adding/editing an attach point or physics data, the best reason to change the inherent properties in a .msh file is if the mesh is using more than one shader and texture set. Otherwise mentioned type of edits can simply be done though dbr editing.

Editing any of the text references to to point to new files/directories can be done, but the Textdata (Length) needs to be changed to match the amount that is added or decreased. I'm unfamiliar how to do that with notepad++.
The method I use is through the use of Tamschi's Meshview.
I've been wanting to do a write up of my workflow using that tool with Grim Dawn...one of these days

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