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Old 01-17-2019, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by LightningYu View Post
That will happen anyway. Look at Runic Games. Consumer | Gamer expect once a Dev. Team made a hit, and they payed for their Product, they own the company basically and like slaves they only have to work for them. It's ironic that these folks are often the first one, who complain that there isn't any kind of innovation or how they sell their soul and have no kind of (own) vision anymore and that's why AAA Products are going down, but once it comes to creative freedom for developer studios and they either try a spinoff or an completly new project, than they jump on the hate train, why they don't stick to their guns, how they go commercial and sell their soul, and so on. That doesn't mean the Gaming-Industry also have it's faults, but if you ask me a huge part also comes with the Gaming-Community and in such Scenarios it shows how much hypocrites a bung of gamers are(and this sadly are often the loudest).

I loved Torchlight 2, but anyone who tried Hob without any bias would've seen that it isn't worse than Torchlight 2, they simply want to work on an different project... but nope i know some folks who are happy that Runic gone down because they come up with "it's their fault to not develope Torchlight 3". And you can be sure, however Crate approach this Situation, even in the best case of scenario there will be more than enough people who hate on Crate because instead of another Expac or Grim Dawn 2 they work on a "shitty, mainstream cashgrab Builder-Game" ....

That's where, in my eyes Crate should try to be not influence by such hating-comments and stand their stance of the new project, because if a dev falter after such an backlash and don't believe in their Game / Product anymore, it will be more problematic.
Honestly, I don't think less of Crate or anything like that for pursuing a different project, it's just extremely unlikely that I play it since I more or less only play arpgs. I'm not sure if other people feel this way, but It feels like crate isn't making a game for their current playerbase, but rather that they're targeting a new audience. However, we won't know for sure until we know more about their town builder game.
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