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Originally Posted by Evilzlegend View Post
The game became to easy and to lazy. As many others have stated so many times the game was best during its BC and WOTLK days. With so many changes diminishing so many options of what your character could do, making the grind unsatisfying and the game story has gone in such a crappy direction it is uninspiring to even care what happens anymore.

It has become a milking cow for a company no longer appreciating its player base.

But in real honesty through my eyes - the game just sucks to anyone who was around during its early years. What made the game special: the story, the character decisions, and the challenging game play - it's all gone. Being social doesn't even matter anymore either when the game does the work for you and groups you up in dungeons/raids where you don't have to say a damn thing to anyone.
Hell, I wouldn't even mind their matchmaking system in LFR and LFG, if the content itself would promote community and social interaction. Unfortunately, everything in WoW is focused around timers and getting it done ASAP. There is no sense of "let's just have a good time", it's more of "let's maximize our lottery chances at getting the phat lewtz!".
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