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I think the problem is, this is a pathfinder game, and such has a lot of fanboys that refuse to see the real issues. Also quite a few of the reviews will be before all the patches came out, if you check the steam graph, it does tell an interesting story. But these issues are just making things worse, while those that are still real fans of the game don't know to acknowledge there are any bugs, even with clearl hard evidence thrown at them.

But saying that, the game does have some serious issues, with the kingdom management, to gamebreaking bugs in chapter 4 and 5 plus. to feats not correctly working. Also wizard scrolls are few and far between, so no point rolling a wizard, certain weapons seem few and far between.

The game is just half baked, they have a large world, but not much on content, when most of the later acts is just about the kingdom management and dealing with the pressing issues. Even that seems to be a roll of a dice, and if you set it to auto, your kingdom can still fail. and like I already mentioned, the damn timers in the game really don't help.

I think those that still race on about the game been good, clearly are either blind to the facts, or simply want to believe, as they are scared that no other PF game will be made. But this game is just so hollow, once you peel back the surface, you can easy see the innards been stuffed with cotton rags, and second hand oil to make it run smoothly, (at least for a few KM, then it all breaks down) (sort of a reference to Matilda's dad who did that with second hand cars and got away with it for a while, until his past started to catch up with him)

Anyway, I lost faith in this company, they clearly aren't very good coders, they clearly are rushing patches, and they are making a real mess everytime they release a new patch.

I seriously doubt even 6 months will be enough for this game, I suspect it will be just as broken then as it is now.


devs are censoring the forum, one thread about someone saying that the game should be removed from steam, nothing wrong with the posts, but a short bit later, deleted thread. The devs don't want to admit that the game is bad. Fanboys aren't helping the matter. I know this does happen in a few forums too. but this kind of censorship is sending out the wrong signals, and making it look bad for the devs. This will only bite them on their behinds. As if things aren't bad enough.
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Originally Posted by Weyu View Post
Heh that seems nuts.
Even if they can fix that new issue, I doubt they have the ability to fix existing saves that are already messed up, judging from the quality of their work so far.

It surprised me that this game has 70% positive reviews on Steam seeing how severe these issues appear to be, do people just not notice them?
Someone I know is playing this and he says it's not so bad except for the load times.
But yeah, this is no way to work, total disrespect for your customers and your own pride as a company.
Its not so bad, rly. Outside of early game save-load retardness and long load time the game is quite fun =) I love writing and chars.

Woopsie, new "hotfix" ruined my game at act 3. Kira dropped the game at act 5 due to Amiri immortality - girl`s hp bar is fixed at 17 HP and don't move at all.
I have stronk SotS 2 vibes from this game.

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