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Originally Posted by LimiT View Post
Do you have recommandations for beginner? Kinda really new to Grim Dawn and i love melee flashy builds
You can also use my original Chaos Witch Hunter build. You need to craft yourself a Master's Spellblade of the Abyss though. This should be easily doable.


Alternative Gear:
This build is very versatile gearwise. Almost every item can be replaced by at least 2 optional ones, except Master's Spellblade. The alternatives may result in a less efficient gameplay though.

Weapon 1: Damnation, Basilisk Claw (skill into Lethal Assault, ditch a few skillpoints), well rolled Bloodlord's Blade, Runed Dagger of Dreeg, Death Omen
Weapon 2: Plaguebearer's Master's Spellblade
Head: Eldritch Gaze, Cowl of the Venomblade, Clairvoyant's Hat, Mask of the Harbinger, Hood of Dreeg
Chest: Devil's Cage Hauberk, Vestments of Dreeg, Demonslayer's Jacket
Legs: Wraithborne Legwraps, well rolled Sect Legguards MIs (even better than ELoV), Demonbone Legplates
Waist: -
Feet: Golemborn Greaves, Voidwalker Footpads, crafted rare Heavy Boots (even better than Elite Rhowari Greaves)
Hands: Voidsteel Gauntlets, Viperfang Grips
Shoulders: Better rolled Benn'Jhar's Pauldrons, Mantle of Dreeg
Ring 1: better rolled Cronley's Signet, Viloth's Ring, Entropic Coil, Gollus' Ring, Lifegiver Signet, Alkamos' Touch of Dread, Rage of Alkamos
Ring 2: Alkamos' Touch of Anguish, Wrath of Alkamos, see above (Ring 1)
Amulet: Pestilence of Dreeg (Plague of Shattered Souls Affix), Black Gem of Dreeg, Empowered Wretched Necessity
Medal: Mark of Divinity, Badge of Mastery, Blood Sigil of Ch'Thon, Black Star of Deceit, Undying Oath
Relic: Haunt, Necrosis, Malediction, Agrivix's Malice

Just keep replacing the basic Legendary items with Mythical ones.

I cleared Ultimate AoM with this build, so it still holds up. If you hit a brick wall, feel free to switch to another toon.
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Regarding seal of the void, when looking at the devotions it asks if you want abominable might set to burning void (right hand) or burning void (left hand) does that effect the proc rate? and if so would a riftstone be better in the other hand?
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