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Default Grim Dawn goes Spin 2 Win

So, we gettin' Whirlwind ( https://youtu.be/Isq6payLHMk?t=45m1s @ 45:01 ).

What devotion (and item/s?) proc/s do you think would go best with it, on the visual-awesomeness scale? it's obviously way too soon to know what'd result in best DPS.
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Something swirly, like Elemental Storm or Flames Torrent? Or Eye of the Guardian if you go the Poison route?
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I guess the best one would be Ultos Chainlightning and those gloves that create cinderstorms for some D3 WW Barb feeling (Cindergloves?) also Tainted Eruption would Look cool I guess

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spammy swirly devotions
Originally Posted by Evok View Post
I find it personally insulting to die to shit falling on my head
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Targo's Hammers and Light of Empyrion are the perfect visual match. Just like the untransmuted Oathkeeper skills, they both appear golden and holy.
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I hope to see some spin to win shield too for my spinning build. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pvbWaZ
And http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74345 >_< Common, Crete, its not that hard to remove stupid offhand requirement
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Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
Targo's Hammers
I don't even like the idea of dual shields, but I suddenly want them solely for the absolute ridiculousness of watching somebody spin around the battlefield while double blocking and Targo-ing everything in sight.
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I would love dual shields.
Or smashing board as i would call it 😁
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Vindictive Flame + a bunch of fire procs and use the illusionist to get gear with fire particles.

Become a living inferno.
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