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Any changes to directx on low end computers? cause I use directx11 but Grim dawn is unplayable (lots of graphical bugs and lower fps) with that, I need to run it on d3d9
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Oh man, this patch was so worth the wait.
The nerfs were minimal (and the most significant ones were bugfixes) and buffs throughout pretty much.

The armor boosts on light/caster armor coupled with the enemy damage reduction and also the extra armor absorption on components will definitely make incoming damage more tolerable for non-shield builds.

Added a Mythical version of The Eastern Pledge set
Added a Mythical version of The Paragon of Arcanum set
Now I have to revisit those and get an Arcanist caster up and running.
But first I'm going to be farming the Ugdenbog daggers for a long long time, that was my most anticipated fix.

This has to be the best patch yet and you can see how much Crate listened to player feedback.
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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Are there any additional details on how to get the Steam Controller to work with the latest patch?

The new UI with button control doesn't respond to any buttons on my steam controller other then the select(the one that looks like a back pointing triangle) button. Additionally, none of the buttons on my steam controller that are mapped to mouse clicks seem to respond anymore.

I've downloaded the latest recommended controller configuration, and reset my keybindings in the game to default, but nothing seems to work.

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Very nice

Either I've somehow managed to miss it until this version, or the patch notes are missing:

  • Added "Ultra" shader quality option.
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Very nice changes! Love the percent weapon damage buffs to Reaping and Necrotic Strike, and the fact that duel-wield gun Apostate is actually possible now
Old 11-17-2017, 01:30 AM
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I was using Burning Void on my LMB before the patch, even tho it has a 16% chance of activating it just fires off every attack now without cooldown...and that is fuckin' awesome
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I am still able to bind Oleron's Fury and some other devotions i.e. Bull to Whirling Blades.

Some clarification?
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Thank you for the spellscourge <3.. wish i could find that dang helm recipe now...

Last edited by gutra; 11-17-2017 at 01:46 AM.
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Damn, I love the length of those patch notes. Really feels the dedication. I was afraid you will release this patch on the next week. Crate is really setting the standard on how you must make your game. Good price, good amount of content, no pay to win, and I can go on and on. Of course, there are stuff I don't like, but they drown in how good this product is and how much effort is put in it. Now onto the not so sweet side. I think newly added armor absorption bonus is too good. Maybe there are some other overbuffs, but that is up to other players and theory crafters, that understand balance better than me. I can point out that energy usage is too low as always, but nobody want's to listen, sadly. I mean, we have energy potions, energy regen., energy absorption.. How can energy gauge be so devalued
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Spellcasting feels indeed smoother this way ! gj guys.
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