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Default DW Pistol Elemental Tactician

I am not much of a theorycrafter, but I was playing with this idea for a bit. Not a complete idea or build, just a very simple framework based on Elemental devotions, discord cadence, and arcanum sigillis pistols. I also threw on a few of pieces of equipment that looked appropriate but most slots are empty.

Basically looking to see what others have done and if there are any glaring holes before I start playing around. This will be leveled from scratch and I try to follow the build from the beginning as best as I can.

I know most players are not fans of Blind Sage and I have not seen anyone talk about Attak Seru (but I don't read every build) but it looks interesting for a DW ranged toon.

I also split my stats between physique and cunning but that is likely to change. HP looks way too low but since I didn't fill in the equipment it could be ok.

Comments and thoughts are much appreciated. I am currently leveling a few different characters (I have an alt problem) so not sure when I would actually get to this new build. Thanks!

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