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Default Tactician Build (a couple questions)

So I'm working on a physical damage Tactician build with lightning visual effects.

This is what I have so far. http://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gabJOZ
There's still a couple of skills and devotion points I'm iffy on and need answers to.

1. (Conversion)This is probably the most important one that makes or breaks the build. Does elemental to physical conversion convert 100% or is it 33%. Say I did 100 lightning damage. I have 100% conversion, will it apply to the full 100 damage or just 33?

2. (Resist Reduction) I don't make almost pure physical builds often. The RR seems tough to find. I stacked a bunch of physical resist reduction through items(rings) and abilities(break morale/assassin's mark). I wanted to know if there's overlap where I'd be better off switching one of the rings or something. I thought I understood how to stack it, but I will need to reread the advanced mechanics post.

3. (Devotion) Is it worth it to have both wayward soul and giants blood? It looks like they have an awkward overlap where it might be better to pick just one of them and choose a different one.

4. (Stun Resist) Forgot this one in the original post. Should I stack more stun resist, and if so where do you guys get it from?

also @Crate I'd like some more support for physical damage gun builds in devotions. (just me being greedy, they probably won't read this)

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