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Originally Posted by Kralw View Post
I only speak on topics I HAVE an opinion about. I'm also not quite stupid enough to present my opinions as facts, and I've made that clear many times.

The heal IS an important part of the skills... It's just far overshadowed by, IDK, EVERYTHING ELSE in the skills. How would the game suffer, exactly, if we had a transmuter to remove the heal, and make them an aura?

If you don't need the heal, but DO need the buffs... You're left in the position of basically refreshing an aura every ten seconds. Would you want to refresh Iskandra's every ten seconds? Or Mogdrogen's Pact? No? Why not? Maybe because builds usually use multiple auras and that'd get really annoying really fast. If you aren't currently using the heal, then both BoD and PB are no different than an aura, except that they're really, really annoying.

If you don't agree with me, fine, IDGAF. Your opinion is your business. But don't pretend that I am entirely off base, or that all my posts are "whiny bitch" comments. I've complimented quality aspects to the game before, and quality guides/ideas from forum members. That, however... Only happens once. You don't compliment something repeatedly. When you disagree with someone on something, however, there are multiple posts. So my negative posts naturally end up far more prevalent than my positive ones.
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