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Hi there,

I've been a long time user of your trainer and i've never took the time to say thank you for your huge amount of work and your efforts so thank's a ton

I used your trainer a lot in the past to create test chars and test builds and it's awfully helpful to have such a tool like yours at hand, i hope you'll find all the time you need to update your trainer.

All the best
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Originally Posted by Pasarlai View Post
hey mate how long will it take do u know that ?
As I've said one or two posts earlier, I won't give a specific date on when you can get your hands on a working version, sorry but that's simply not possible. But I am currently working on updating GDTH and weekend is about to hit! (So far I have no other dates)
Imagine I would estimate a date and not adhere to it... I could as well try to extinguish a fire with gasoline.

Originally Posted by Steeve View Post
Bonjour a tous,
Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas un mot français... sauf si les mots sont sponsorisés par Google Translate. S'il vous plaît essayez de rester avec la langue anglaise. Les autres utilisateurs peuvent vouloir rejoindre la conversation. J'espère que mes dernières phrases ont au moins un peu de sens.

Originally Posted by DonSnow View Post
immor can you add a auto-loot feature? I am not sure if that's possible without using custom games, but if you can manage to add it for vanilla, it would be amazing!
I've never bothered dealing with auto loot. I don't think its impossible to add since custom games mostly just change entries from the original game database to fit their needs.
So as long as we're able to define what stuff will be used for auto looting (like mana/health pots...) it should certainly be possible.
But for now, I don't have any plans on adding new features (especially for a topic I did never deal with yet ) before GDTH is up to date.

Originally Posted by catcry View Post
Because i have this Sacred Ash mission and i need to kill the necromancer guarding it...Im with Kymon's Faction. But when i go to the mission area there are no necromancers but instead there is the guardian of under kymon's alliance so I cant attack it. Then i tried to edit the faction reputation so Kymon's army will depise me and death vigil will not attack me...now i was able to kill the guardian under kymon's and get the sacred ash, but the mission doesnt finish and the father kymon is saying that i have chosen my allies poorly and then again im stuck with this sub quest faction mission. Any help that you could reccomend to me?
Since I didn't really play the game for quite some time and I know basically nothing about quests anymore, I don't even really know what quest you are talking about...
If you're talking about this quest, I may have two ideas, but I can't guarantee any success.
  1. You could try to spawn the NPC you need to kill to finish this quest (Malkadarr, Champion of Death's Vigil)
  2. Or try directly spawning the quest item that drops of Malkadarr (Sacred Ashes of Empyrion).
Fingers crossed!
__________________________________________________ __

Thank you for all the kind words from all of you!
Want some proof, that me currently working hard on GDTH?

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Default Doesn't work at all

It didn't find the game before I check "static exe path", but even after, it tells "GD is found, now start game" whatever I try to do.
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Originally Posted by FqteWeqver View Post
It didn't find the game before I check "static exe path", but even after, it tells "GD is found, now start game" whatever I try to do.
..i doubt that you have the right GDTH-version; it is not ready yet, but maybe soon
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Only thing I want right now is anything that could give me ignore item requirements.
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gdth, trained hard, trainer

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