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The Warden has never been called "miniature"!

It's a ... err... handsome... err .. ugly ... err ... great statue thingy! LOL!
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It would be nice if the Aetherial details glow in the dark
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Awesome images
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This is pretty cool, but the real question is, when can I buy one?
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It definitely looks great. I have always fantasized about Grim Dawn merchandise, my favorite game. Some coffee mug, tshirt, statues, toys, etc. For the fans, it would be something great (my opinion).
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Great work! Thanks for sharing! Polish power, lol
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Question That figurine is BIG

Kind of a blind guess here, but that figurine looks to be around 8" tall. For reference in case you collect model stuff, it's about the same size as a standard gundam model I think
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Seriously, i would pay big for a figurine of any of the Nemeses, specially if they look as good as this one.
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Looks good.

Hoping to see Shar'Zul or Moosilauke (all that blue )
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It doesn't need to be really big. i would would settle with a small statue.
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