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Originally Posted by Ace of Baise View Post
Is mark of divinity still mandatory now for survivability with that crazy 120s cooldown?
I know it will save your ass in HC, but for SC beside the resists and flat hp i don't really get the point here.
when was it ever mandatory?
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Originally Posted by sfbistimg View Post
when was it ever mandatory?
-As sfb pointed out it was never mandatory it was just the most reliable one cause the other most reliable CB (Avatar of Mercy) took up the plus skill slot for amulets

-Also the 100% Absorb on Mark of Divinity makes it the best circuit breaker in the game.

-90 second cooldown was high enough, 120 seconds makes it unfavorable in crucible. But still it remains the best choice imo.

-100% Absorb also makes it very Hardcore Friendly imo since you can escape most shotgun situations

-The only place where any Circuit Breaker fails is when you receive damage that doesn't give your CB enough time to activate i.e burst damage. That can only be fixed by stacking up other means of defenses
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Originally Posted by Silben View Post
I hope this clears up the confusion of Zantai / Zentai
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
I take no responsibility for the typo in that image.
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