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Default Does Sound of the Dawn work with the expansion?

Does this mod work with the expansion?


I don't mind the Grim Dawn soundtrack, it can be a bit depressing though and incredibly repetitive; a lot of the same music just repeats through from beginning to end no matter where you are rather than being area specific

If not, is there another mod to add music?

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Really? Nothing?

This is one of few games I actually turn off the music for... Not to say it's bad, just incredibly repetitive.
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His last activity on the forums was a year ago, minus two days. So im going to go on a whim and say no it does not work with the expansion.

Honestly if i want to listen to something else while playing i just make a play list out of my music library or listen to music on YouTube.

Maybe send the creator a PM and see if he ever gets back to you and updates it for the Xpac.

No, i do not know of any other music mods of the top of my head either.
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