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Default My Grim Dawn Gear

Hi Everybody

One night, while playing, i felt the need to have char stuff tool to check if my loot was good regarding to my skills build, on Grimcalc. That was the late in 2016.

So i decide to developt that tool for the community.
Due to difficulies, i took delay on the projet. I came back one month ago.

On going to the forum to write that thread, i discovererd an existing similar project.

I decide to publish my tool to see what the community think about my projet.

The main feature is available, but i need to work on data (Attributes).
Currently all data are maintained by myself only, help with script which read Localisation file.

Here, the website address : http://my-grimdawn-gear.neoblaster.fr/gear

How Does it works ?

First, you have to search for items :
• Select the rarity of item (Elite, Legendary (...))
• Click on search to get items

You can filter result

Next, you have to drag and drop items in their respective slots :

To prevent spam duplication, you have to make change before to create new build :

You can make protected build to update it later without creating a new one.
That feature allow you to maintain build without to update forums and bookmarks !

Before to edit protected build, you need to login.

You can add Components and Augments as like in game :

One your build is finished, you can share URL to My Grim Dawn Gear, but you can add IMG tag with URL which directly show your build. (Currently, quality of Rendered image is poor)

To finish, you can easly remove item by click on Window :

Now the question is if I will take some many time to work on My Grim Dawn Gear or not.

I count on you to tell me what i have to do !

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