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Default [TOOL][MODDING] Grim Dawn Proxy Editor

Grim Dawn Proxy Editor is a tool for editing all monsters in a proxy in the same window.

Download: Version 0.3.1 (bugfix ), will add more features on request
Dropbox Link - upload online

There is currently a bug that overwrites your records
on a certain pathfile condition outside the dev environment
I'll patch it tomorrow

Newer version, previous was kinda useless, currently only supports normal ( not epic / legendary proxy pools )

(Random*) Character Bio Creator(new in version 0.3)

did not test this thoroughly yet with the asset manager

*so everytime you patch your proxy,
all monsters connected with a character bio created by the editor will have the random values as is in the screenshots


actual result

Proxy Creature Editor

Proxy Pool Editor

Proxy Editor

Config file, here you can customize your editor

The folder structure should be like this:
the records folder is not included, extract it with the asset manager and copy it

it reads the records from the records folder and afterwards after saving the edited monster dbr files it saves it in edited_records folder
if by any change you want to edit your previous dbr's which are in the edited_records folder then no worries
it will first look in that folder and afterwards the original records folder

Always select a monster proxy in the records folder, not in the edited_records, needs a fix

Old thead content:

this is currently an alpha tool, but it works for my needs.
If anyone wants a specific update then I'll make a new version after work :D

But it isn't made for editing all values in the monster DBR file, you need to setup your most used fields you want to edit

it is configured in a JSON file ( see screenshots below )
  • dropdown
    -> a list with the values you mostly use
  • bool
    -> true / false
  • whatever
    -> this is an input field, can be any text
Adding and Creating a Character Bio is for the next update* ;)

FYI: Just for some gigs I used a weird combination of tools for the GUI,
normally I never use a combination of Bootstrap / Brython / Python

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