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Originally Posted by Counterbug View Post
The dynamic barriers could be put into greater use. Just imagine in one playtrough you're going down a normal path fight some monters no biggy, BUT in a seconde playthrough imagine that old way you took is blocked and have to go all around a longer and more difficult path that leads and ambushes and traps and all sort of level designer machinations. wow this feature leaves me more pumped up than I thought it would!
This exactly this!
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You can't destroy the barriers but generally they don't put you too far out of your way. In the case of wanting to get to Wightmire, you can also quickly get there through Hallowed Hill, which is just a little mini-area. There are riftgates (our name for teleport portals / waypoints) at the beginning of Wightmire and the Abandoned Waterfront. We've made them far more frequent than in Titan Quest because we want people to be able to easily revisit and replay areas they enjoy.

This is also just the starting area, some areas have even more extensive use of dynamic barriers and breakable objects. The farmland environment, which has tons of fields enclosed by stone walls has many different dynamic barriers and possible paths, which really change up how you progress through it.
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Dynamic barriers is one of the most innovative ideas I've heard. As I've read all the thread, something came up in my mind.

Dynamism is so nourishing that you can use it in such a way that different sets of dynamic barriers may be devised so that much more possible outcomes are available. By different sets, I mean the localization of the barriers.

With simple probability maths, (3,2)x(2,1) gives us 12 possible routes. If there are two sets of each (red and purple), that would double it. On average people can keep up to track of 8 different patterns at most. Any possible outcome value higher than 8 will keep most of us unaware of going the same route while replaying. A value higher than 12 would be sufficient for those with higher perception and faster memory.

You can either raise number of dynamic barriers, or the number of dynamic barrier sets, or dynamic barrier sets with different localization.

In order not to make players swirl around those barriers or sets have to be tested manually first I think. Otherwise, unpleasant routes may come out.
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