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Originally Posted by petrivanzyl View Post
Started late Dec 2016. 205 hours
...and now 524 hours. That's 5.5 hours a day since last update!
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Somewhere between 1 month to 10 months.
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1124 hours if only i backed this game when i knew about it.
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I think I'm at around 800 at this point, though probably nearly half of that is from speedrunning.

I really, really like this game as a speedgame. I may or may not have deep seated problems.

(I'm also the current WR holder, come at me bros (no seriously, the community can always use more runners))
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500... ding!
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...do offline hours show up in the total?

Since early Beta?

1k, if so.
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534 hours! It was my most played steam game until, well, today! It just passed second with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth going 539 hours. But I have a feeling Grim Dawn might go back to n.1 spot soon.

Oh, I've only started playing since the official release of the game last year.
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3080 hours so far (I'd estimate about 700-1000 or so is time spent afk though). Still a very large time spent in a brilliant game, and a hell of a lot more time spent messing around with GrimCalc too!
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just saying...
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Originally Posted by ForgottenKane View Post
I have 211 hours now just three weeks after I bought the game. I was recently convinced to get it by a friend and by god I can't thank him enough, GD has been one of the funnest RPG experiences I've had since Diablo 2. I have not been more impressed with a game in yearssssss.
IDK the gametime jet, pretty new -about 35h! But sooo much to come, an then im reading theres gonna be an EXPANSION with an NECRO *drool*

But GD, where have u been all my life (after D2 )
I did that with a friend of mine too and convinced him. I love the Arpg-genre and after D2,TQ,D3 and now POE a new star is sparkling bright on my screen.

Thx Crate for an grate game with so much to discover!

so far, blackwizz

PS.: lots of veterans of playhours here!
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Not sure if this is obsessive but in 3 and a half weeks or possibly a month now I have genuinely put in 391 hours and I can see myself putting in even more as I am still yet to get a character into ultimate and, apart from a few irritations, this game is superb. I hadn't seriously played a game for months before this one was suggested to me and now I can't stop thinking about it and playing it and planning builds and sometimes dreaming about it O.o

Fantastic game guys, can't wait til I can get to end game and also for the DLC to come out with the new classes. Keep up the great work and I will keep putting 14+ hours a day into your game . I also introduced a few of my friends into the game but they don't have nearly the attention span or interest span or the time I do to put into the game. This game is also great in multiplayer though one of my friends often has some serious connection issues and sometimes we get some really atrocious character destroying lag.
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