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Originally Posted by skvimpa View Post
Where to start?
My answer to your points:

1: Agreed. D2 was a lot more enjoyable in that you bartered for your items with other players. D3's AH/RMAH gets rid of any communication in between trades. I'd rather have a large trade world where you can set up some sort of shop/display of your items and tell the potential buyer what kind of item/stats you are looking for.

2: At first I defended the 4 players maximum, but right now it doesn't really matter since the D3 maps are super linear and a lot smaller then D2 maps imo. The major concern was about all the attack animations making the game hard to play, but that could be solved by given options to disable all attack animation, or just everyone's but yours or something.

3: Agreed again. Locked acts doesn't make sense. It's just like Blizzard with the identify one item at a time... it's like "opening a present" yet you find garbage inside. Hopefully acts won't be locked sometime in the future, but it's unlikely since D3 is all about the lame story and quests.

4: I didn't play PVP but I agree that they took/are taking too long with pvp. Brawling is terrible and doesn't compare to the freedom of dueling in D2. Going hostile should've been added but give players an option to make the game they are playing "hostile or non hostile" or something.

5: Agreed. The billion builds is merely an illusion. They could've made the skill system way better if the runes were far more diverse in their effects.

6: Level 60 cap and Paragon. Blizzard actually stated that they planned for level 60 and not level 99 from Diablo 2 because they didn't want players grinding in the monotonous way. Funny how they quickly changed that thinking...

7: Agreed. Having all skills open to your character all the time and not having items that give +1 to ___ skill was a big mistake. Their is no reason to create more then two of one character (SC/HC).

8: Legendary/set items. I actually think it still sucks because of the RNG. Diablo 2 unique/set items had little RNG and thus made it far more exciting to find one of these items. Also low leveled unique/set items were useful in higher levels as well.

9: Yup. Blizzard made huge changes which was pretty much a gamble and yes they "lost". Sure their sales rose but their fans plummeted.
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First I would like to say that I really enjoyed the first time I played Diablo 3, discovering the maps, killing monsters.
The paint art style of the map, the fast combat and the feeling to killing and hurting monsters is great.

According to me there are two major flaws :
- Itemization
- Random environnemnts


Boring to know that finding an items without your main character stat is worthless.
Best affix are : Cirtical Damage, Critical Chance, Improved Attack speed.
Only improving damage affix are good, everything else is not interesting : lack of variety

AH makes the game a trader game.Waiting for a good deal to earn million gold (buying/selling items) is a lot more effective than playing for hundreds hours the game : why farming ?


End game you just farm the exact same run, repetitive road (most efficient) : lack of randomness.
It becomes really boring.
Players must be forced and rewarded to play new random maps in oreder to have the best chance to find good loot.Path of exile tried portal to radom map, I believe that is a good option that can be improved.
Maybe some king of special reward for killing all the monsters and discovering all the map (each portal leading to a random map with random monsters affixes...).
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