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Old Yesterday, 06:38 PM
CaptainObvious CaptainObvious is offline
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I'm super excited by this expansion! Given their previous work, I'm sure that it will be high quality new content yet again.

Also, it's both hilarious and sad to see so many people bickering of an expansion they have not played and still know very little off. Sure, these updates can give you the impression that you know how it will be, but jeez, I'm amazed at the confidence of some who pronounce that "they will not like it" or "it will be this way and that is good/bad". Oh well, I guess that you're just excited and emotionally involved - and that's great.

On a slightly related note: to those looking at the representation of campaign/crucible builds on this forum... just remember that those builds are not (necessarily) representative of the majority of the players, nor of what the top 1% plays, nor of how people tend to play such builds. It's a biased selection of builds that are written up by a biased (i.e., non-representative) group of people. In other words, don't over-interpret or extrapolate based on such data .
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Old Yesterday, 09:53 PM
blawsonhull blawsonhull is offline
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Looks like Rifts are coming to Grim Dawn?

I have many level 100s blah blah.
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Old Today, 09:15 AM
slicplaya slicplaya is offline
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Default So Multiplayer?

When are you guys going to focus your efforts on supporting PROPER multiplayer functions? In history successful arpgs have/had this. If you ever want this game to really take off is that not part of your future plans? How about a global channel? Something instead of the complete solo feel while hosting numerous multiplayer games hoping someone will join?
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Old Today, 09:22 AM
medea fleecestealer medea fleecestealer is online now
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They're not, not for this game. Re dedicated servers Zantai had this to say in the stream on 25th May:

"As the question comes up all the time I will answer it one more time on stream. Dedicated servers would be a cool feature. I think if we were to have it, it would have to have happened when the game was new, when we could actually garner attention for the game and get people excited for the fact there are dedicated servers, there are seasons and all these hardcore multiplayer features. Instead we focussed on a single player experience, that is ultimately what Grim Dawn is about and we're sticking to that, it's working well for us. I think dedicated servers would be great, they will not happen for this game. Maybe Grim Dawn 2."

Grim Dawn is primarily a single player game, it was designed that way. Whether Crate will design other games with more multiplayer options we'll just have to wait and see.
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