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Default [] Pummel in the Jungle - Vindicator Physical / Bleeding Pets

A placeholder picture until I can get some ideas for illusionist items, having Beastcaller gear all the time gets boring

I've had extensive experience using Inquisitor as a pet support mastery from my Deceiver Pet Build, but between the vastly more dangerous AoM Nemeses and AoM's tendency in general to spam AoE everywhere, I'm personally disinclined to take any pet build that solely relies on Swarmlings to take on the new content. When I saw all the sweet buffs Shamans received in v1.0.6.0, I was excited to see how I could create a unique Beastcaller's build with the Inquisitor mastery to assist it, and to my luck, it ended up working great.

Build Images for

Buffs are permanent buffs + Word of Renewal only. With Mogdrogen + Bysmiel, your pets' Total Speed is at least +40% to the numbers shown in the pictures.

The key to playing this build is to make sure that you don't blow your load (shut up) for a short segment and then have long stretches of time where your pets are slow attackers. You want to time your Bysmiel's Domination buff (you're well tanky enough to afford to get hit) and your Mogdrogen the Wolf buff so that as the Bysmiel buff is counting down (it has a Hellhound buff like Hellfire, and as you're not Conjurer, you don't have Hellfire so the buff is easily recognizable), you activate the Mogdrogen buff. That way, your pets have at least a +40% Speed bonus going on at all times, and you have more than enough flat damage between Mogdrogen's Pact and 20/10 Steel Resolve so your pets can pummel enemies into submission.

Grimtools: Vindicator Physical Pets

Since most of the equipment is fairly obvious, I will provide a more streamlined equipment selection process:

Mythical Beastcaller's Set: Wear the full set, get the second Briarthorn, swim in all the nice pet bonuses.

Mythical Heart of the Mountain: An extra permanent pet that also grants +1 to all Shaman Skills and bolsters pet physical defenses.

Mythical Overlord's Grip: Grants Pet Crit damage, bonuses to Primal Bond and extra Physical Resistance, which is crucial for maximizing our defensive potential.

Mythical Hammerfall Girdle: Sup, dawg. So I heard you like ARMOR.

Getting Steel Resolve to 20/10 is essential for this build concept to work, and thanks to the pants, belt and boots all giving Steel Resolve bonuses, it's possible to do so. In addition to the skill bonus, the belt grants a huge amount of Armor and Armor absorption, giving us much more flexibility with component selection.

Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch: As Physical RR is hard to come by, this ring is great for providing an extra damage boost. In addition, the RR has a huge uptime, a huge QoL benefit. Ectoplasm is necessary because with all the component buffs reserving a whole bunch of Energy, you won't be able to keep up your Primal Spirit bursts without needing to consume Energy potions.

While what I have in the Grimtools is my designated BiS, the Weapon + Shield + Relic is somewhat interchangeable, the only mandatory thing is that you need an extra pet, whether temporary or permanent, who can proc Assassin's Blade. Your options for pets are either Salazar's Blade, Empowered Black Grimoire, or Dirge of Arkovia. Of the three, I think Salazar's Blade is BiS because of its great aura that grants Life Steal for your pets and its Physical RR.

For Relics, there's the always reliable Primal Instinct for more pets. Mogdrogen's Ardor has seen a surge in popularity, no doubt due to the importance of overcapping multiple skills, but the constant Energy cost makes getting pet bursts a challenge without feeling like you're constantly out of mana. Vengeance, while not granting pet bonuses, also gives you %DA with Inquisitor Skills. While you're waiting to craft Mythical Relics, Ancestor is a great relic that can serve you all the way through Ultimate.
NOTE: All builds that I post are directly created with GDStash (all valid prefix/suffix combos) for the purpose of testing and demonstrating what is possible.

Open to any PMs from those interested in playing pet builds.

Come see my Grimarillion build compendium at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79611

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Why Vindicator over Conjurer?

With Curse of Frailty's Physical and Bleeding RR (50% RR in Bleeding's Case), Blood of Dreeg's flat OA and huge Poison + Physical Resistance, and Bonds of Bysmiel's ~100% Pet Health + Manipulation's Pet Speed boosts, Conjurer is established as the premier pet build. However, Vindicator has a few advantages that can't be ignored when thinking about creating a pet build:

Word of Renewal: While the Beastcaller's Set provides a great amount of DA, it alone cannot carry pet builds through the worst of content. Word of Renewal's flat DA boosts provide a huge amount of relief on theorycrafting, and as a further bonus, the bonus applies for pets as well. The heal + reduced racial damage is a great bonus to have as well.

Steel Resolve: Steel Resolve is one of the few skills that provide %Physical bonuses to pets, not to mention it's one of the highest sources of flat Physical damage in the game. This build focuses on overcapping Steel Resolve to 20/10, and Alex pants, Hammerfall Girdle belt, and Runeguard Greaves boots are all good items in their own right.

The biggest reason Vindicators can be an option alongside Conjurers, though, is the 40% Aether + Chaos Resistance that comes with 20/10 Steel Resolve. Mender's Powder may be a good option to grant pets that resistance, but having those resistances yourself is a huge benefit that can't easily be replicated with a Conjurer.

Arcane Empowerment: Unlike my Deceiver, this pet build is not reliant on Swarmlings to do their damage. Having a few large bodies to serve as pets means that it's easier to aim Inquisitor Seal so that your pets get the primary benefits. Crit Damage from Arcane Empowerment, combined with investing in primary pet skills for their innate Crit Damage, means that you can go for Mogdrogen's Speed in Devotions and not worry about whether you're doing enough damage.

Equipment Possibilities: Conjurer gear may provide a good number of pet bonuses, but much of the pet gear for Occultists is caster gear with little in the way of protecting the Summoner. Inquisitor gear provides much more protection in not just Armor Rating, but in getting resistances Occultists would have to look toward Devotions in order to obtain. As a small example, Bysmiel pants would be a waste for Conjurers as they have all the Poison Resistance they can hope for, but there are few pants that give good pet bonuses. As such, Vindicators benefit much more from Bysmiel pants than Conjurers do, and that doesn't cover the fact that Alex pants benefit this build better than something like Grava pants would benefit Conjurers.

If you don't have the items listed as BiS, the main requirement is to get at least +2 to Shaman Skills and +1 to Inquisitor Skills, and Heart of the Mountain takes care of one of the Shaman skills. Vindicator actually has a lot of equipment synergy that can at least help you through campaign:

Possible Combinations (with Dirge of Arkovia Relic): Decree of Malmouth + Mythical Skybreach Bulwark, Mythical Havoc + Stronghold Defender

For belts, there's the Mythical Arcanoweave Cord that grants +Inquisitor and +Shaman skills, though you really want that Hammerfall Girdle if you're taking on Crucible. If you're lacking in DA, Mythical Cord of Deception helps tremendously in that regard.

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Devotion Bindings + Explanation

Since you can gear yourself to be much more defensive as a Vindicator than as a Conjurer, you can afford to go all-offense with your devotion choices. It's possible that you can cover the same devotion set-up as a Conjurer, but losing 40% Aether + Chaos Resistance from having no Steel Resolve is something Conjurers can't simply whip up that easy. As we focus on Physical and Bleeding RR, we shift towards Mogdrogen as the affinity matches the required constellations much better. In addition, overcapped Shaman pet skills grant high Crit damage, so increasing total Speed provides better returns than higher Crits from Dying God would. Let's outline the Devotions one by one:

Assassin's Blade to Salazar's Harbringer: Assassin's Mark is the most important constellation you can get for a Physical Pet Build. We bind it here to Salazar's Harbringer as it activates instantly off a Critical Hit and lasts for 15 seconds, more than enough to accommodate the Harbringer's downtime. While you're leveling, place this to your Briarthorn until you unlock the other constellations.

Shephard's Call to Horn of Gandarr: While leveling this build, you apply this ability to your early damage ability. Your aim is to bind this to Horn of Gandarr as the two skills' cooldowns are the same.

Rat is solely there for affinity, but the Cunning and Spirit bonuses are great if you're looking to equip a dagger / off-hand.

Raven grants your pets valuable OA, necessary to grant them the ability to get Critical Hits.

Jackal is also there for affinity, and the Energy and Total Speed helps make this constellation feel at home.

Manticore is another vital devotion, granting your pets the best source of flat RR you're going to obtain with this build. Use this on your primary damage ability at first, then when your OA compared to enemy's starts to fall off, give it to your Briarthorn.

Bysmiel's Command gives your pets a good number of damage, speed, and a pet that debuffs your opponents' OA. Bind this to Devouring Swarm / Grasping Vines depending on how quickly you feel the pet gets summoned.

Wolverine gives your pets resistances and keeps your DA high to prevent enemy Crits.

Howl of Mogdrogen to Word of Pain: You'll likely get this devotion before you have the means to craft your Mythical Relic, so you want to rush this devotion to give your pets offense and a great Total Speed buff.

Huntress to Summon Chillmane: Hopefully at this point in the game, you'll be able to obtain your Heart of the Mountain amulet or Black Grimoire off-hand pet. Here, you want to go for the proc only. Only after you finish Typhos will you be able to respec your devotion points and get the far-left node that gives pets flat Bleeding damage.

Typhos is the last devotion we go for, as it provides no useful affinities and the bonuses are most appreciated once we have end-game equipment. Still, Pet Speed, Physical Resistance, Pet Crit, and Pet Poison Resistance is the best way to round out your devotions.

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