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Originally Posted by shawnmck View Post
I am new to this board, so please excuse my ignorance. But where can I get the Legend/Epic Donation/Pre-order ?
Is it in the Contribute tab ? I've tried it, but its down.
I also don't have a Pay-Pal account or Credit card, so is there a way to just send cash or money order ?

I myself prefer a disc based copy, & don't really like to down-load anything. If you guys could mail me a copy on disc (for a price of course), then that would be great. otherwise I will have to just try down-loading it.
I just have not down-loaded anything before (as I don't have a credit card or Pay-Pal account). I know, I'm just pathetic.

Anyway, can someone please give me more information about the Legendary/Epic Pre-order/Donation thing, & how I can send in some money ?

Thanks in advance.
Unfortunately there have been some issues with our PayPal account. We are working on getting a new payment system up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Updates will be posted here:
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Originally Posted by quinnyfizzle View Post
Ah. I guess the issue is that I viewed it as a pre-purchase while you guys see it more as a donation. That changes it quite a bit.

I'm still iffy about handing over $50 for a product that might not see the light of day for probably 1-2 years from now. Taking a wild guess at the release date.
It does change your perspective quite a bit depending upon how you view it. There is a huge difference between donation and pre-ordering so most definitely hold off if you are unsure. I actually don't mind donating, once their site is back up for it, because the amount of hours and fun I had from TQ warrant me investing in another project of theirs. If it never sees the light of day of course I would be disappointed, not because I'm out 50-100 dollars but because of what could have been a great game and IP.

The state of PC gaming right now is extremely competitive and there is of course a possibility for the game not to make it or God forbid, fail shortly after launch as Hellgate, Earth and Beyond, Vanguard, or countless other IP's that have gone the way of the dodo. However, there is a good market currently for another dungeon crawler RPG in the spirit of Diablo and TQ. With Diablo 3 upcoming as well there will be of course some serious competition but a player driven mod community can prolong and expand a game far beyond what most large scale studios can do. So in that regard GD has some serious longevity and replayabilty going for it if they are able to implement some of the models and ideas they've been tossing around. For that alone I'm willing to donate and hope to see a new IP come to light that can place some competition in play towards the larger studios IP's.
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