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Default Concerns that I wish to voice:

How I am very impressed that this site and the project are in the works! As a tremendous fan of the action rpg genre, it did very well for me to hear that the makers of Titan Quest are working on a new, darker version of its former glory. It had saddened me deeply when I found out Iron Lore had gone under, and with that all hopes for another expansion or sequel to Titan Quest went with it. But first let me get a few formalities out of the way. Titan Quest was a very awesome game that accomplished exactly what I wanted it to for the arpg genre (well in most respects) and also that I did throw all my hard earned money towards the series. I actually drove to a different town and bought every copy ( for a total of 7) so I could play and have my buddies right there with me. And later 3 copies of the Immortal Throne. All in all? It was worth every penny and then some. So if any of you devs read this, let me personally (err electronically) thank you.

Okay, now let me get on with it so you can get back to making a sweet game! Comparisons are obviously made between this game and Diablo 2. For reasons we don't need to state. But these days if I ever need the satisfying crunch I crave from an arpg; I still find myself going back to Diablo 2. Even though ultimately the better first time experience would have to go to the original Titan Quest. I beat TQ and the expansion many times with different characters, but in the end I soaked as much as I could from it. It had the great graphics, story, characters, and grand sense of scale. But why would I go back to D2 if TQ has the freshest paint of coat? Simply put, it is the ease of pickup-n-play. With D2 I could be at my character within a few seconds and already online killing Mephisto. Giving me a very brief sense of accomplishment, and MUCH more importantly a good shot at some rare items. (War Traveler battle boots anyone?) Let me state, I worked hard on my characters in D2 to be able to do that, I had to earn that with alot of time and finger clickn' to be able to do that. In TQ though, it never got all that tough and my characters could easily tear through the game.

Speaking of loot, however, it ended up being my major concern with Titan Quest and it's expansion. While the loot system was better than most games in this genre, it wasn't perfect. D2 isn't perfect either, but I will say this, the calculations behind it's loot table were damn near perfect. That was the only game where I would click forever in hopes to get that one damn item I've been craving. In Titan Quest, it was very similar to that, but in the end it ended being broken as I could merely run into rare mobs or just a boss run and eventually have gotten almost all epic tier items in a rather short time frame, respectively. That opposed to D2, I would play for months and still not grab the item I wanted. Mind you Diablo had a much more complex system of items and their drop rates, I would just like to see that influence you a little more for the loot table in the upcoming. I'm not sure if that request is a big one or not, considering I don't program and am just a consumer with selfish concerns.

With all that said, Titan Quest did the rest really quite well. Wasn't so positive on the class mix up, but in the end really liked the dynamic of it, and I think if it is refined even sharper, It will be a very unique and satisfying way to make a character. But please PLEASE please PLEASE don't make this game TQ with some new stuff from the stuff drawer. And PLEASE don't make it Diablo 2! You guys did such a damn good job on the first, I want to see you push yourselves to create a gem that will be worth every penny. I remember reading a quote from one of the execs at blizz talking about Diablo 3; he said that more of the same isn't better, better is better. And you really can't argue with that.

You can take to this how you want, I've spent a moderate amount of time writing it, which goes to show that I do care about this game and you guys of course! A bro needs his devs. But I hope this is good for something. And I will try to be active on this board as much as I can for further... well discussion and shit.

AND finally, remember how I stated that I bought 7 copies of the first TQ? With this new pre-order system you got, I will gladly buy the full epic whatever the hell edition, and if it really impresses me I will get, err, make my friends buy that as well.

With that said, thank you guys. Love your stuff, keep on doing what you do.
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